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I must have been 8 years old – it’s hard to pinpoint the exact time – when I got my hands on a game called “Heart of Darkness” and immediately fell in love with it.

I played a kid whose dog gets kidnapped by dark forces and must go rescue him into a strange and mysterious world. None the less I connected with the kid on his escape from reality to save someone close to him. The boy’s name was Andy and he did not care about how he got into the world or how he would get back, all he wanted was to save his friend.

To be honest I never managed to finish the game during that time.  I messed up with the software and it just never worked again.

Lucky me, I did manage to finish it at some point later. Anyways, only years later I realized how similar the story was to my life.

I basically left my world – my country – and went to a new, mysterious and dangerous place – Egypt. And before you ask – no I did not come here to rescue anyone; it was meant to be salvation or better – start of a new life.

Fun fact, in the end I became that dog and boy in one. Nowadays I am trying to save myself from this dark and mysterious world, that I entered and did not question at all.

Like Andy, I need to get the dog (myself) and save us from this “Heart of Darkness” world and its inhabitants.

Sure, like Andy, I am not alone. There is help and there is support of outside sources, either within or outside the country itself. The problem is that unlike Andy I did not come prepared or trained to deal with the things here. Andy deals with his world perfectly.  In real life I needed to learn how to survive.

Obviously, many of you, reading this article, can relate to this fact – how to survive in an unexpected and unfamiliar place or situation.

As adults we try to be prepared but we are never ready for the moment “the shit hits the fan”. To share our “hit the bottom” eventually makes us stronger and other’s misery seems much worse than ours.

And then we realize that heroes like Andy or other characters in fictitious stories seem to be prepared to handle the harsh world they get thrown into.

This is when one of my stories actually comes to play – I threw an unprepared person, someone others can relate to, into an unrelenting and menacing world full of dangers.

Thus behold – “Welcome to your Death” – was born.

But being alone does not suffice – help comes always from unexpected direction. Someone who supports you, cheers you up; so when you fall, you can pick yourself up again.

Just like in a fiction, also in real life someone usually appears. A friend; the one least expected comes out from under the cloak of safety to help you.

Do you think that I’m strongly affected by unreal life in games? Maybe. But If I relate myself to a kid in a game, so the adult in me responses to my surroundings and appears as an unexpected friend to help others.

That is why I created a book called Deathmongers: Where the Light Dies”. This is me, giving a helping hand to other authors, actually 19 of them, showing their talent to this world.

Every hero in a fiction needs a friend; every fiction is written by a real person.  And this real person just shares deep lessons of his own life.

Luke Skywalker had Han Solo come save him from Darth Vader’s Interceptor. Had he not showed up when he did, Luke would be dead, the Death Star would destroy the rebels and “game over”. We would not have the other episodes and prequels (please – no hate comments about the Star Wars Prequels).

The Matrix has a similar moment, when Tank saves Neo from Cypher who wanted to disconnect him from The Matrix, thus killing his mind.

I should have put a spoiler warnings before this paragraph, but c’mon people, there is barely anyone alive who is reading this and will rage about something that I supposedly spoiled for him or her.

Such memorable moments I managed to put in “Welcome to your Death” with more “surprises” to come.  Why did I split the story into parts?  –Huh – to keep you guessing and wanting.

The more I look at this book the more I can see a reflection of my life, along with the people who are either there to help or to destroy me. Fiction really is sometimes closer to reality than we think.

Why am I sharing all of this with you – my friends?   I don’t just want you to go download “Welcome to your Death: Part 1 for 99 cents only  – I want you to experience it and be ready.

I want you to be able to see deep into and relate to the world within its digital pages.

Did I mention friendly 99 cents? Yes? Good.

Attention! Attention Everyone – This blog is getting a little Makeover and some changes may already appear visible. This blog will now focus on my mini-series  Welcome to your Death New posts coming soon.

EBD 3 LULUHello everyone, I know I have not been around for some time, but it has been quite a ride for now and its just getting started. There are many news and updates I am going to share with you so best to start right away. 2013 has been a good year in total, lots of changes and opportunities. Most of the services however and Gamers Lounge however are now on stand by, including where I was at Gamers Gang. Why? Simple; not enough time for now. I will still try to post when I can and keep everyone up to date. For those who want immediate updates, simply add me on FB - - there you go.

Next to some more positive news, so far I release 5 full length books and a couple of free ones. The free ones are there to give you a taste etc of what to expect. All info, interview, trailers and the releases can be found here :

Now the bigger news I am also now on Amazon so to simplify that:


That wasn’t so bad now was it? Next well since this is my blog, even though it started as something else when I was still doing different jobs, I also have a site now. Yes you read it correctly. Time for you to Fear the Darkness again - ton of info, trailers, samples and links here so enjoy.

Next I have two more releases already published, anthologies with other authors that I am part of. So Far there are 2 but am in works to increase that number to a possible but more details on them later.

So far I am in DEMONIC VISIONS Vol.1 and the next book is already in works:

And one more called FLASH IT!

Flash stories for the people who do not have too much time to read. Flash Fiction!

Had a really good time on this interview so you will want to read it to more an insight into my life:

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Here with a short update for you all. The Invasion HAS BEGUN! Literally! Enlightened by Darkness Vol.2 – The Invasion has finally been released. Bellow you will find useful links and info and a FREE GIFT.

EBD 2 The Invasion Concept CoverFirst lets get it straight. The Invasion is an Anthology EBOOK featuring all brand new 8 short stories. 7 Stories of Sci-fi/Horror and more and the favorite sequel LIQUID II the Flash Short Story.

The ebook is available both here:


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Now to that gift:

The Nameless Promo Cover

THE NAMELESS: Is a short story of supernatural and horror/action elements from a first person point of view. It is featured on The Invasion but also comes as a standalone gift.

And you can read it or download it here.

And now the final piece of news in the following two trailers to keep you excited about what is still to come in 2013

Enlightened by Darkness Vol.3 As Darkness Spreads Trailers: - announcement trailer!

and - story representation trailer.

Look at older posts to see which releases you missed so far and catch up to them. Enjoy the new worlds created and annihilated for you all!




Liquid PromoLiquid 2 PromoEBD 2 The Invasion Concept CoverBusy days and times are everywhere so I am here to give you something for free.


Liquid – A Flash Story of Obscurity in the Fabrics of Reality

Short Flash Horror Story featured in Enlightened By Darkness Vol.1 First Encounter. I spoke about this book in the last post. And LIQUID is a Bonus Flash Story…Short enough to enjoy fast and to awaken the hunger for more. This Ebook is Free and is also on Torrents. Mainly The Pirate Bay.

So its Available anywhere



Liquid 2 – A Frost Bite of Insanity in the Fibers of Dementia

This is a Flash Story Sequel to Liquid. Which shall also be featured in my 2nd Anthology: Enlightened By Darkness Vol.2 The Invasion. It will invade soon all ebook stores but the free Liquid continues.

Read it Here



Here is a trailer to the new Anthology


Enjoy those two free Ebooks and Remember. You like it and I know you Will…Cleanse your Hunger For More By Supporting the Author and Buy The Rest of His Work!

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EBD 1 - First Encounter (Cover)BOML Cover In case you missed any and all Info on the Release of The Darkness Within Last Month. The links below will guide you to all info:

Now to other important. It was a glorious release and a great feeling settled in, as well as a hunger. A hunger for more, so I picked up some of my old side projects, and after continues non-stop work days and weeks. We are here at this point and I am glad to share this with you all!

First release is this lovely, dark and twisted Anthology of Short Stories. These Stories will shatter your perspective of reality. From Horror to Sci-fi and more.

It is entitled:

ENLIGHTENED BY DARKNESS – Vol.1 First Encounter;jsessionid=E0FAD96E6A1502BE03FE5DA005560BB6


The trailer is here:

And now to the latest release. I took the bull by the horns and flipped it around like crazy.


From Ancient Egyptian Mythology, through the Dark, inspired by Games to the Down Right Fucking Funny. 27 Metal Lyrics Await you in this latest release! What you call lyrics without the song? You can even call it poetry…so Enjoy THE ETERNAL COLLECTION OF METAL POETRY (LYRICS)

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Thank you all \m/


Metro_2033_russian_book_front_coverFirst things first, I know you realized a certain absence from my Blog, well it happens. Also mostly my focus is on the book release so for now I’m juiced out of ideas to write. Well at least for a while. There is still plenty of craziness I plan to create for everyone. Not just The Darkness Within. But today there is a different topic on my mind. Metro Last Light is now officially roaming around for all gamers to enjoy. I still wonder what MGM is going to make now that it has the rights for the movie adaptation of Metro 2033. The first Novel and game. A preview of Metro Last Light will be done by me in the end few days and put on YouTube so If you are a fan or Gamer who likes Horror games. This is your target.

Now I hardly imagine after all the Success of Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 books and Metro 2033 the game, that the name Dmitry Glukhovsky is not familiar. To those that it is he is the Author of Metro 2033. He helped to work on Metro 2033 the game. And Helped to make now the Metro Last Light game which is more of a Sequel than his own novel Metro 2034. Its a bit confusing to some of you maybe. Read it a few more times and you will get it. I like to twist around and confuse anyways. You will see that first hand really soon.

One thing I will guarrante even thou I did not play Metro Last Light, it is for sure a top candidate for the best game of 2013 and Best Horror Game as well. This year we already got some really amazing stuff such as Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider. Or the independently released Strike Suit Zero. Now we have Metro Last Light. And yes besides writing and metal music I like to game. This is 2013. Everyone does it nearly. And another thing, Post-Apocalyptic or not, the VGA’s 2013 will be awesome from all the games made this year. Even better than last years. You can count on that.

I will see you all in Metro Last Light Gameplay (Might Even do Resident Evil Revelations) Before the Release of THE DARKNESS WITHIN.

Robert C. Friedrich