Reign of Infected Rain!

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The first official post here, and it’s going to be a music Review!

I Dedicate it to my friends Lena & Vidick

Infected Rain – Asylum (2011)

The first album from the band from Moldova

Featuring new songs and some of the older songs re-masterd and edited. I personally have also both their Ep’s from 2008 and 2009 and I just like to listen the hell out of this Album. Both the new songs and new videos made for these have been made with great effort. Especially for a band that might not be so known, but trust me when I say this, so far they are making an Impact, and are growing their fan-base!

Now i have heard and read a lot of categorizing among the people to what is Death metal, what is black metal and so on, yes they all have some traits that differ them from the rest. But in the end its music people love and plain and simply METAL.

These guys especially manage to add a lot of diff things into one and make it work.

There first video for the song “NO IDOLS” Like the song and Video, it was a Smash hit when I heard it, and while all people have different tastes. 7 Billion People to be exact; there surely are people that agree with me! The re-mastered version of the song is also cool, but personally I play also the old stuff (which most of it was given to me by the band itself!)

When “Judgemental Trap” came out with its debut video, I was speechless, still am in fact when I watch it till now!

And now with the “Asylum” Album, more new smash hits literally punch me in the face!

One of them being “AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE” or “ME AGAINST YOU” both of which have videos on Youtube.

Here is At the Bottom of the Bottle!

And the best thing is (once you watch it and Enjoy it) it might help you stop drinking even:) Im Sober for 3 years plus now running, haven’t drank a single drop

To sum it all up The Album, The Songs and Especially the BAND is something, I do not believe should be missed among the Community!

Now if you excuse me, Among Writing Reviews for whoever might care, and working hard. My break is coming up!

Time for some Infected Rain!!

Robert C. Friedrich

  1. xyz says:

    The band is from Moldova, Moldavia is the spelling for the Romanian province. 🙂

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