Ridiculous Hurghada

Posted: 08/10/2012 in Uncategorized
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I have decided to also post some of the most ridiculous and funniest things that happen or can be seen through the city where we work and live. There will be couple of posts such as these in the blog from time to time so read, have a few laughs or be shocked and amazed. Let the fun ride begin.

Anyways this situation happened only a few days ago.

Most of you are usually asleep during this time, depending on where you are, but it happens that I barely sleep, I rather work or enjoy my time to do as many things possible during the day and night

Anyways I woke up again after a tiring day around 5 am (typical of me) and I go online,  to see whats new around the world, not a lot of time passes and I start to hear this strange noises outside, and at my flat door. I live on the Fourth floor and when the wind picks up you can hear a lot of shit going on.

But this was different, more strange than usual. Until there is a load bang, like something fell that was made of steel or metal. Next thing I hear is scratches and someone pushing at my door, like if someone is trying to get in.

So what I do I go to investigate what the hell is going on, I look through the peaky hole I see nothing, but the scratches and pushes continue. My door is naturally locked and my key is inside so no wanna be pick locker will want to try something, plus it’s a security lock, anyways I locked it again and kept looking, still saw nothing and the noises continued.

Screw it I opened the door to see what the f*** is going on. A skinny, drunk or stoned, totally weird and dirty looking, FULLY Naked English dude is standing at my freaking door.

The load bang which was heard earlier, well he ripped the metal ball (the one you hold on to when you close the door) he ripped that sucker out of the freaking door and was using it to hide his balls.

A ball for balls.

And than this weird dude asked the most funniest question in the world. “Can I come in?”

Obviously no, I’m not gonna let someone like this in my place, especially when the Woman I love is in the bedroom. In any case request denied and he left, for a while I still heard strange noises from outside and someone slamming their door shut as if Jason Voorhees would be standing outside.

I called the owner of the building (yes he lives 2 floors below me) where the hell the security or cops are to get this mess handled.

Later after time passed and the dust settled, I finished a full day of work. I asked the owner why they let someone like that into the building.

So firstly this dude lives in the same building and people knew he was crazy (Guess there is no policy here to let crazy people stay and live here among the general population) Not enough apparently 6 months ago he broke into a Woman’s flat somewhere in the building at 2 am and just decided to stay there as if the apartment is his.

A reason to take care of this in any case? No

And why was he naked at my freaking door? Well as they told me, he stopped eating completely for 3 days straight, nothing at all, and just kept drinking everything alcoholic one can find for these 3 days.

In the end the owner felt sorry for his spinning on the floor naked and totally drunk ass that scares people, women and children half to death. So he sent his crazy ass to the hospital, where he remains there. And hopefully wont be let again out.

And I am stuck with a door that needs fixing because a crazy drunk naked English man decided to go bananas like Donky Kong.

The lesson in this is simple. Don’t drink!

See you next time!


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