The Roman Empire, 2012

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Ex Deo 2012

Ex Deo , Many thought that this was a one-off project by Kataklysm!

Back in 2009 Ex Deo’s debut “Romulus” took the Metal world by storm and me by total surprise

I’m listening to Kataklysm since about eight years running and EX DEO has become a favorite also!

Ex Deo took off like a rocket and showed Death Metal in new epic heights! And gave birth to Roman Metal!



Where “Romulus” was epic, “Caligvla” is taking this adjective to a new level, it is the soundtrack that would be perfect for any new movie about one of Rome’s, nay, one of the world’s most extravagant emperors. Iacono did not sacrifice the intensity and heaviness of the debut, oh no, he took it and expanded on it to arrive at a monumental scale combining the slow and churning Death Metal of the debut with cinematic grandeur in the arrangements, the keyboards, more majesty, more vocal variety (Iacono delivers growls, screams, a harsh spoken word command, while we also get some guest vocals by TRISTANIA’s Mariangela Demurtas and some more growls by SEPTIC FLESH’s Seth Siro Anton) and overall also musically more variety. So basically, if you wanted to condense “Caligvla” to one word, it would probably be “earth-shattering” if it would be one word!

And this grandeur makes it hard for me to really pick out single tracks, since they all have their own characteristic strengths, be it the martial expressiveness of opener and quasi-title track “I, Caligvla”, or the pure epicness of “Per Oculus Aquila”, they are just…well…BIG, with the perfect production to underline the power of the subject that translates into the music as well, clear, warm, powerful, but not overproduced, guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais did an outstanding job with this one. And Iacono – he puts in a performance that brings Caligula to life, just listen to the title track and his opening bellow of “On this glorious day, I declare Gaius Augustus Germanicus Emperor of Rome!” If they ever make that movie, they don’t have to find an actor, just take Iacono and he will give this character a haunting strength and depth that would be hard to match (and they’d have the soundtrack to go with it built in already).

All in all Ex Deo Deliveres great MUSIC and will hopefully become an instant Classic one day

Buy the Album yourself and Let me know which track on the album is your favorite!

Ex Deo’s Myspace page:

I,Caligvla (the EPIC Video)


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