Global Metal Advertising Campaign!

Posted: 14/10/2012 in Uncategorized
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We need YOU! We need Sponsors! Labels, Bands, Fans, All of you!

Internet is big these days, so we decided to use it! We want to launch a huge METAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN! NOW!

As all things in life it needs funding! Jobs suck, democracy sucks, other Nations struggling! We all know this!




Now here is what we want to do! We live in Hurghada, by the Red Sea, 2nd Biggest Touristic City on the Red Sea, A place where Millions of People travel to their Holidays, and where a lot of Metal heads, are hiding, now wanting to confront their METAL ways on the streets! Well WE SAY LETS BRING IT OUT!

Like fans and Sponsors do in Wacken for example, or anywhere else! We need to print T-shirts, new bands, fan based pages, online websites cool metal logos the whole 9 YARDS!

We will print it all, write about it on our blogs, and post it on our social networks. We are going to make METAL know even more!

So what we do we print T-shirts, with logos etc. Wear them, picture it, post it, share it, we also give away T-shirts, to Tourists or Locals, who we take pictures of Wearing it! We create and Understanding, especially for new bands that are cool and out there, and need a push!

The same with posters, we post them (ON Palms) yeah we got those, picture them etc.

Video promotions, Commercials, VIRAL all will go VIRAL! For any band, Big or SMALL, any Label, Any Fan Fage!

We need sponsors!

We have witnessed here a change already, a Small number of Rock or Hard rock Cover shows play here, where all bands start! WE need to bring it bigger, I mean if you would live here, you want shows also here, we do not get them! But we can still push on to try to get them if not their way, than our way!

That’s why we need sponsors! We start slowly and work our self’s up!

We will post cool stuff, reviews, band pages, label pages, pictures of us and tourists wearing metal and more!

We may be different, but we all are under one Sign! Of Metal, Of Freedom!


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