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Yep, its that time of the month again, another month blown right passed. This was quiet a difficult month thou, filled with loads of issues, problems, health stuff and tons of other shit. But we stand strong so moving on. Plus to make a short story shorter our blog on blogspot hs been removed. No need. All of our audiance comes right here. So lets Enjoy the top 3 of the Month november


Top 3 Countries:

So here are the 3 Countries that we got the most views from (If you used a proxy server or a VPN program such as Cyber Ghost to shield your real IP address, you have helped another country get more votes.

3rd place goes to – UKRAINE (who happend to be on place 2 in the last poll)

2nd place goes to – RUSSIA (We are as surprised as you are)

1st place winner – USA (2nd month on 1st place)


Next are the three most read topics that have been posted here and read by you!

3rd places goes to – GRAVITY 2013

2nd place goes to – MATIAS (Surprise, he still is on the top 3)

1st place winner with a shocking surprise – THE BAY 2012 (Last month was all about movies)


Below you will find links to our favorite articles released on the internet!

3rd place goes for – The rat power of the heart!

2nd place goes for – Yes the island story

1st place winner – This cool and funny article on


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