The Car Thief’s That Never Should Have Tried It!

Posted: 06/12/2012 in Article
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There is a time in everyone’s life where they decide to the a good or a bad thing, usually end up doing the stupid thing. Here are some of the more ridiculous instances of Grand Theft Auto

Shot Driver

Now this idiot decided to steal a car, typical if you steal a car you have to be acting completely normal, but you never steal a car and drive passed the real owner! The best part of his day is just starting, not long after, his joyride came to an end when he hit and unmarked police vehicle. Great what to do now? as all idiots that can’t face the fact, that they will go to jail. He decided to run. This is where he proves that crime really does not pay, while running away he pulled out a gun but instead of shooting at police officers, he shot himself in the fucking leg. His gun wanted justice! it got it!,0,1250779.story

Hybrid Theft

Here is a crime that is just beyond ridiculous, a dude stops a cab, (its a hybrid car cab) and goes to where he wishes to go. Then he robs the taxi driver, throws him out of the car and ties to run away. The failed part is this dude does not know how to drive a fucking Hybrid. So he asked the taxi driver that he has thrown out to help him understand the hybrid car. When the cops arrived. The cab was still there. But the suspect gone since he was to stupid. One a cab is to obvious car. He should have asked earlier if this is a Hybrid car and other questions before trying to steal it.

Crime for justice

This is just a poor excuse of a criminal, but he did a good thing, he stole 5 cars among them a ford truck, in the end he felt so bad about what he had done that he just drove to the cops himself. With the stolen car and reported it. Interesting that he had to steal 5 cars to grow a conscious

Arrested for Complaint

Our next car thief was not one of the brighter ones. Even thou he still was an ass! He stole car, ran over a family member of the owners car. What he did next was most ridiculous. He than drove to the police to complain that the car got damaged after he ran that kid over. Seriously and ridiculously stupid!

The Switcheroo

This story is a biog twisted so pay good attention. First of all we have our nameless innocent guy who wants to sell his Nissan Maxima on Craig’s list. I think you can guess where we are going with this. And than we have the buyer who is the thief in this story.

So the thief posing as a buyer bids on the Nissan and wants to go check it out. During the sale the owner went well to trusty and let the thief get behind the drivers seat. Yes, the oldest trick in the book. And gone was his Maxxima.

Here is where ti gets ridiculous, the thief is so stupid he posted for sale the car he just fucking stole. IN FUCKING Craig’s list! The original owner now missing the car found this add of a car that looked just like his maxima. And than he pretended to be a buyer who wanted it. The thief took the bait and when he showed up with the stolen car. Well he got arrested! Ridiculous!

Police Theft

Like the story of the cab we mentioned earlier, one does not simply steal something that is seen from anywhere. This one decided to steal a car right in front of the police. Even during an interview with CNN. this guy already is being chased from the start. He also stole the show but not for long.

Just enjoy the video

Video only

Never give up

Some people never give up, even thou its end of the line since a long time. Like this gentleman right here. he gets pulled over. HeHe tried to steal a computer in Walmart, and punched the security guard. After the cop got to him he got frustrated. Tried to even fight the cop. Than he steals the car of the cop. As we said. Some people never give up. A cop car is something so suspicios if you steal that, there is no place to hide. What was his plan, ride it till Mexico? His espace does not last long since late he hits a truck. Ouch


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