The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Posted: 14/01/2013 in Article
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The-Amazing-Spider-ManFirst things first, how is 2013 treating you all? So far so good I Hope.

I believe the new year has started pretty awesome and I’ll do all in my power to make this an awesome year for everyone.

Today I want to talk about the subject of the Sequel to the Amazing Spider-man! I guess most of you have seen it or own it by now. For me i was quiet happy with the new more Human approach to Spider-Man and less immortal savior. Plus having The Lizard in it was an amazing choice I would say.


Now here is as far as we know about the Sequel. One it should continue with Garfield and Stone as main role. 2nd as we see on IMDB there should be a Mary Jane character. Wonder what the hell this will be again all about. Anyways an the main point our new villain will be ELECTRO. Whoever played PS game spiderman 2 or read the original comic books or even the original cartoon will know who I’m talking about. However what is puzzling me is Jamie Foxx involved in this to play him.


Nothing against his acting, just anytime I think of Electro I see this bleach blond douche bag of a dude. Who else has this? Anyways I think Jamie might pull it off with something new, well we shall just wait and see since it will come out in 2014! Another thing I and probably most of you would love to see is Spider-Man’s mutation! In The Original series he continued mutating and became a really creepy spider mutant. I would love to see that! Anyone else dying for some evl Spider-Man mutant menace?


Anyways we shall see how it all develops and we will keep a close eye on things.


Thank you all!


Robert C. Friedrich

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