Top 3 of Jan.2013

Posted: 31/01/2013 in Article
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Here we are again, as every time at the end of a Month we post top 3 Videos or Channels from youtube, that we found or saw or just plain and simply missed in this month and had to see and hear again.

Last month this post was all about games. This month we are mixing shit up and everyone will find what they like. So let’s make this one short and painless!

Number 3 –This must be the funniest shirt I have ever seen on TV. WWE Raw Rock Concert. The best part about this concert is this amazing and fucking funny Cover. Wonderful tonight from Eric Clapton covered by The Rock and specially rewritten just for her. Isn’t that Sweet? Trust me it’s the best song I have ever heard!

Number 2 – Goes out to this amazing Easter egg from Black Ops 2. The concert at the end of the game is Epic, cool and funny. Especially if you played the series and understand the characters. Epic shit!

Just so you know its Avenged Sevenfold – Carry On

Number 1 – This was a hard cookie to crunch. But it goes out to the most played song of January 2013


See you all in February!

Robert C. Friedrich


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