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Crysis3Here for the news hungry people, comes the news for the Gamers Lounge for March 2013. With finally Dead space 3 videos being online, and Aliens still being uploaded. Crysis 3 is en route and and since I haven’t tested it yet, there are no promises regarding a Full Series. Tomb Raider arrives early in the start and will be a great focus as well. Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC should become a series as well since this was one of the greatest things released. And at the end of the month, Resident Evil 6 and Bioshock Infinite are on the list as well. The month looks promising and everyone is hopefully excited. I apologize if some of my videos were upload a bit too much at a time, was doing the most I could out of Cairo’s stable connection. Once I return to Hurghada (In 2 days) there will be day breaks within uploads.

For the people that have issues with Links or do not follow me on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.

Here are so far the 3 playlists:


Dead Space 3


Aliens: Colonial Marines–VxenK-ROYg&feature=view_all


Call of Duty – Black Ops


I apologize directly but due to time constrain, internet issues and other complicated stuff. Medal of Honor (2010) and Black ops 2 so far remain not a main priority for upload. They are with me at this point and will do my best do get them out there. Busy month once again awaits us. Not just for gamers thou but for everything.

However I am happy to report that some great, great luck fell in my hands and makes everything so much better. So with this new found power boost and this news update. Let’s kick some ass!

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich


1February, the month of chocolate and stuff is Finally over, March is about to brace us with its present. Spring is coming and I think I’m in Love again! Anyways this was a tough month and this is my first post from Cairo, Ill be returning to Hurghada soon to post more stuff for you all. Today we talk yet again about the 3 things I think will honor the videos from YouTube  As we do every time at the end of the month. So below Ill post for all of you this month’s selection. And Ill meet you all at the 5th of March for our start of the Month post!

Number 3 Spot this month will not include any romance. but great skull crushing metal :

Even thou the lyrics may cause romantic feelings among the fellow folk


Number 2 is not even on youtube as far as i know, but still its funny:


A little self promotion since so many pople were waiting for this one:

So number 1 spot goes to my first video of the series of Aliens: Colonial Marines for the PC

Enjoy everyone and thanks for support
Robert C. Friedrich



Finally, after long time of waiting and talking about it already in my Black Ops 1 Videos it has arrived to me. Even if with a slight delay it was a great Valentine time to shoot some xenomorphs. Now the internet is swarming with many and I mean many fucking bad reviews how people hate this game and shit like this. Even with the highest sales in the UK. And even after talking to people proved even more that every one of us is so different it is hard to find something to satisfy everyone.


So let’s get in touch a bit with the inner Alien before my videos get uploaded for all of you. The game features 11 levels in featured environments from the original 1986 Aliens movie by James Cameron and counts as a sequel to both Aliens and Alien 3. Places such as the Sulaco, LV – 426 on which you can breathe normally with what remains of Hadley’s Hope colony with environments straight from the movie. Such as the sewer where Newt was taken and of course the all time wanted Derelict spacecraft with the Space Jockey (Engineer) long cold and dead. So the game obviously features Known xenomorphs and some new ones. As well as direct combat with armed soldiers. Which prove even more the conspiracy shit going on in the Aliens Universe.


So for a diehard fan of Aliens such as myself, this was a Journey of sweet memory and sweet guns blazing.  And a lot of trash talk which we remember so much from the movies! I enjoyed the game ever since I got control of it and held a pulse rifle yet again my virtual hands! But I never really understood what the real problem is for people from this game. The AI maybe not very useful from your teammates, but honestly I never gave a fuck. As the good old saying goes, you want something done right you do it yourself. Thus even if I may have wished for help or support, I played it as if I’m alone. The game did take a strange turn of events at a part where they rewrote a bit of Alien 3 and changed the story setting. But as we have seen many times over, a ton of games do that. So why bother. The graphics are cool, the game itself is solid. It may take a time to get used to and it’s a bit funny at times if you think about how the Aliens pounce. But you know they are not human. Their the enemy that wants to eat you alive or melt you into human pile of goo!


The fall of Sephora might have been a bit more, well explosive, but whatever. The experience for me was quiet fun and enjoyable. It may not be one of the best games out there. But it sure packs a punch and looks great. And once you get used to some things it’s a run for the kill! And killing a ton of Warriors and other new Aliens I found it entertaining. Thus still making it a good game in my opinion. Especially if you are an Alien fan as I am. So even with its up and downs it’s great. I kind of realized that a lot of Aliens vs Predator games or Alien based game get bad reviews for no apparent reason. Guess the not Alien fan base do not get the games or something.


If this is unclear still for you weather to play it or not, just follow me on Facebook or YouTube where I upload the videos and you can watch it, ignore my quotes or comments if you may. But in my opinion get it if you want to try it. Every game needs to get used to and this is no exception. I am glad to have the opportunity to return to my favorite universe and unleash Winter’s rage upon the Xenomorphs!


I will upload the videos shortly. However if you want a tiny really small peek into some parts of the first level, well then just watch my gameplay mix video made to Entertain. Just because its fun!

Link for the video:

Thanks to everyone for your support

Robert C. Friedrich

flycam test flight!We all love great movies, music videos and concerts and events. These days sometimes the footage looks better than real life due to HD and shit like that. But no matter what you do you cannot forget how many camera it took and how many people to pull it off. Especially the shoots from high above or seemingly impossible close up’s on car chases. In these cases usually huge cranes and heavy machinery are used. For car chases sometimes a thing called a ‘Russian Arm’ can be used. A camera that can move freely mounted on a portable crane. Most of these machines are huge and take up space and time to set up or be maintained pristine.


But there is a possibility to take it to a different direction. Over 4 years this team has successfully shown how aerial photography and videos can be made by a high quality team and their Remote controlled flying camera aircrafts. Small, fun to use and well the results are pretty impressive. The company based in Ukraine can now be there when you need it. Just have a look at one of their videos and what it could mean for you!

Once you watch this and your jaw drops, watch some more!


Anyways simply visit

The website is also available in English

See what other stuff they do, see the team, see the machines and see how they can benefit at your next photo/video shoot of any event you have planned.


Thank you and enjoy the Bird view!

Robert C. Friedrich

DS3This is the gamers lounge news, here to inform you on what is going on and what will go on still till the end of February 2013, For March will set up a different program or news etc. For now in March I’m still thinking regarding Tomb Raider and Crysis 3, however with medium settings as it might seem. Not sure yet might upgrade to 8 GIGA ram. This is still in the future. For now back to February

Few Days back I finally uploaded the final pieces of Call of Duty Black Ops 2010 Edition and Currently I’m playing, recording and uploading DEAD SPACE 3.

Here is the Playlist:

So far 5 Videos are online, part 6-8 are waiting still impatiently and I have about 5 more parts recorded which still need to be edited.  Should play some more tonight and record and eventually upload. Will try to however record everything these days and upload in the following Weeks

Yes the internet here sucks so bare with it!

Medal of Honor (2010)

This is finished and the 15 Videos are prepared of this amazing but short game. And will upload them eventually still this month!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Since I read the release date of Dead space 3 wrong and thought its due in March and not February (Silly Me) I’m nearly done with this one. Footage is mostly done still need to process this raw and amazing stuff that Black Ops 2 had to offer. And Upload it also this month

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The big thing I and many of you are still waiting for is this Beauty! And I can’t wait to get my hands on this shit! Need to hurry with what recording I have left to be free to play and record this for you and upload it asap. As you can see there is a ton of shit left to do and left to be uploaded. I’m gaming as fast as humanly possible, but I can’t change my upload speed.

However February 24th I’ll be heading to Cairo for some Legal and boring Issues for about 3-4 Days. There I should have Access to more stable and faster connection so Expect uploads During this Period. I Mean Heavy fucking Uploads. So Don’t Think its spam once it happens!

Lets nor forget that we are not just doing new games, we are doing older games as well. You know to remember the times which these days pass us by like nothing.

So any requests if you have just let me know. I have now also Crysis 2 on my pc since about a week and have not touched it yet even.  And if anyone wants I would love to do for you guys Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands or even Batman Arkham Asylum. Why Not? Anyways just ask away and we shall see what is possible.

Follow the Channel on YouTube. Let your friends know if you like it. Or Drop a line or two if you have anything to say. Both negative and positive!

This concludes the news for February 2013. If something just check me out on Facebook. Might post some minor things or little updates there!

Most links to twitter or Facebook or YouTube you can find on the blog as well.

But here just in case again my Facebook:

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich


Route 66



So how is February treating you all? Everyone getting ready for valentine yet? Anyways now I wanted to take the chance finally to write something about Music. I know you have been waiting for this. Anyways since I’m doing a ton of stuff and barely catch up with the music news I’m a bit slow on some things. So finally I got to listen to some music I was either recommended or found and wanted to share some of these things with you. Some of you may know these, some of you may not. So this will be a bit for everyone.




Tomorrow Never Knows:

First new thing I heard this time around was this band from Germany. I could talk round and round about this or that but its better if I just show you and you choose to listen to it or not. That’s the freedom we all share.

Tomorrow Never Knows – Nameless Bullets



Now this band I listen to since many years. And not only because they are from my Home Country Slovakia. Sometimes I like to listen To Dark or Symphonic metal or melodies or whatever you want to call it. Still my favorite songs remain Dark Erotica and Shadows & Dust. But in light that they have a new album out: The 7th Queen Enthroned. Here listen to it and if you like it listen some more!



From the cold of Finland comes this beauty of Melodic and Symphonic Death Metal. The new album that was accounted back in 2006 and took till 2012 to be released named TIME I. You know what they say, what takes long time to do or get is always worth the wait!



Coming to you from the UK! To conclude this list something from England had to be here. You know the country that spat out many great Metal bands. And this bands new album MONOLITH! Which was also released in 2012 is a great way to end this list. So listen up, Horns up and lets headbang a little while!


Thanks and Enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich

topstoriesFirst month of 2013 is over and its that time again to see our 3 categories how they did this time on the blog and internet. For the people new here. We are doing the top 3 in 3 categories. Top 3 Countries that viewed this blog during the month (if you used a proxy or ip address changer you helped a different country score points). 3 Most read posts on the blog and 3 top articles or news I have read during this month or just recently.

So lets strap in and enjoy this poll!




3rd Place goes this month to: Italy and Canada (Now that is a surprise, they both have the same amount of views so congratz)

2nd Place goes to: Peru! (Now this is a surprise)

1st Place: How else could it be, USA wins this one again 🙂


Now we move on to posts

3rd place ranked this month is: Best of 2012!

2nd Place: Online, No one can hear you scream!

Shocking surprises to that one!

1st Place winner: Biggest surprise – THE BAY (2012)


And Finally the top 3 things I have read online:

3rd Place was hard to decided : Well for this one we have two cause I could not decide!

Its both this news about Jennifer Lawrence doctor situation:

If she would have come here about a 100 Doctors would line up to do her a breast exam just in case. Even without the experience and still charge her for that!

or the USA Jets will be armed with High powered lasers!


2nd place goes to: AMON AMARTH preparing a new album for 2013 (HUA)


1st place had to be this, was the funniest shit I read!

Most Bizarre shit from Space by Cracked writers!

Anyways hope you enjoyed this. I’m putting together one more post which may show up either today or tomorrow.

Keep it up guys!

Oh and nearly forgot Today we celebrate that this blog has been viewed officially 1000 Fucking times!

Thanks to everyone

Robert C. Friedrich