MSDVIRU EC005Today I will speak on behalf of a different topic. Since it came to my attention that many people even from my Generation, haven’t heard or know much from the years before the new Millennium, which is kind of strange, since a ton of shit from that era inspired and is responsible for some of the good and some of the bad shit we may hear, or watch these years. And I retrospect, some of the older shit is way better than the garbage we get around this time. Sure there is a ton of great, better looking amazing shit around. But it’s good to also remember the great things of the past and look at them and still be amazed at what people produced back then. So today I will talk about some movies, which I recommend you watch and get to know. Particularly horror maybe but in general, I will list here a few movies that I have seen, loved and are so great I could watch them over and over again. And I recommend that people watch them and appreciate what some people worked their asses off and even bled to bring us instant Classics. I will make more of these so to simplify this article I will only state movies from the Years 1990 till 1999.


1993 – Jason Goes to Hell

Now before I start, yes I have seen every single of the Friday 13th Movies from start to end. And it’s a great Journey! But there is something about this one I Liked in particular, and it’s a really great one. Gruesome, sexy and bloody, and it’s also a bit different from its predecessors. Or what followed. Simply said, I loved this one from when we blow shit up till the melting man and Jason’s return. This movie had it fucking all!


1997 – Alien: Resurrection

This movie got a ton of hate, as I realized has happened since ages to almost every single thing that came out with Aliens in them. It may have been one of the first one I watched and actually remembered it. It made me watch the whole series starting way back in 1979 till the latest which was Aliens VS Predator 2 in 2007. I tell you now get the extended Quadrology or whatever. Alien movies, games etc are all Cult classics and some of the greatest shit on the planet. Alien: Resurrection in particular brought some new things to the franchise. And remains as a great movie in my Book!


1994 – A New Nightmare

As I said earlier, I watched a ton of shit, and yes I watched every single one of the Nightmare on elm Street parts from part 1 till 7 passed the joined encounter Freddy VS Jason and the Remake (which was better than Friday the 13th remake) anyways this one in particular has something special for me in it. It’s great, it’s funny, and it’s fucking Wes Craven. The movie is about making a movie actually and how Freddy reaches over to the real world. Even Wes craven plays in the movie and is showing you a bit of how he types his scripts! I wanted to be a writer ever since. And I’m still busting my ass to achieve my goals and dreams! So yeah, get this and watch it with some great chips and dips!


1997 – Event Horizon

Now you all know probably Sam Neil from Jurassic Park or Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix. Let me tell you something, watch fucking Event Horizon and it will show you things, it will take you places, places you may not want to go. Places you will eventually go! Honestly, this is a fucking amazing piece of art. Some people even say it’s like the Shinning in space. Name it whatever you want. It is an amazing piece and if you have missed this one. I feel sorry for you! PARENTS! Teach your kids some fucking lessons finally and start showing them the good shit!


1992 – Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell is all I have to ever say. If you don’t know who he is, or haven’t watched his Evil Dead movies. You haven’t lived! Since the first two are earlier than 1990 we shall speak of THE ARMY OF DARKNESS. This movie, is fucking amazingly hilarious and great. I even had the copy with the first original ending and not the alternate ending you might get now. In any case, I can watch this movie over and over again. And it never gets old. So I end this part with MY BOOOM STICK!


1999 – VIRUS

This you have a tough time googling so let me make it easier for you GO TO FUCKING Now Virus, is a motherfucking sick ass twisted metal churning amazingly great movie. Some people say it’s like you mix Terminator with Aliens. And they mean it as an insult. I say its better, it’s great. It’s FUCKING BETTER THAN GREAT! When I finally got my hands on this, after many years of wanting it. After always being denied the DVD. And I finally saw it. I swear I watched it, when it ended I just played that shit all over again like I haven’t just seen it. And enjoyed it the same way. My fucking jaw was down all the time. Try eating grilled chicken to that, it takes balls, and a good stomach! Get it, GET IT NOW!


I leave you with these 6 amazingly movies. And yes I know there are so fucking many other great movies that came out. Some less great than the others. Who else remembers here Carnosaur from 1992 besides me and my Uncle who showed it to me and I remembered it for so many years and I searched to see it once more. And I fucking did. And yes it may be hilarious. But it’s more fun in many ways than Jurassic Park 3!

PS: Anyone please if you have TAMMY and the T-REX from 1994! This hilarious shit is the only thing from my past still missing to be watched. It’s burned into my logic system. But I just cannot get it! It’s fucking hilarious shit! Please give me a link or share it or something.

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich



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