The Unhappiness of Humanity

Posted: 11/04/2013 in Uncategorized
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ecedc506c979473c89eb2827b7fa62e8I know, I have not been here for some time. Been really busy with both recording and writing of Darkness Within. But I always wanted to address something. After talking to a ton of people, I realized some people are not aware of this. Of the unhappiness lurking everywhere. A ton of people always want what they don’t have. I’m not talking about money or sex or these issues. I mean more like they want better living area. As in the weather is cold in here, the food is expensive here. This and that. Yes its true, but firstly you grew up in this place for many years. Your body used to it. You man not like it mentally but physically you’re fine.


First of, you have no clue how a different environment can or cannot effect the living fuck out of you. I live in Egypt, and I’m born in Eastern Europe, for nearly 13 years my body was getting used to the harsh cold winters and mild summers. While here i literally get roasted alive, some people can take it better, some cannot. But it ain’t just the food, the weather etc. Its the whole physical change your body has to undergo after being used to something for years. And trust me this shit can hit you hard.

I’m not here to discourage anyone, I’m here to try to make you see everything from a different angle. Like this person hates winter and wants summer and the sea all the time. Goes to a corresponding country. You have to deal with totally different shit there, different seasons, food, mentality etc If your not open minded you’re fucked. I know its expensive to have vacations now so often. With everyone either in depressions or most countries now literally getting fucked and fucked up with unemployment and god knows what.

What you need to try is work from home, or free lance work, work away from home, not permanent but part. For a while, leave the place your in. And return, trust me you will miss you’re home more and more the longer your away. Prime example is me. I lived in Egypt for 10 years and I left once. In 2007. Most people would trade with me they say. With the sun and sea and shit. Yeah and everyone forgets, the mentality of the people, the totally different cluster fuck of a climate that will fuck you up faster than a hit of cocaine.

On the other hand, I miss the snow, the trees the normal climate. You don’t know how good you have it until you loose it. Ok I understand all the fuck ups now with work and money problems and everyone leaving their own countries in search for work. I get that. And I wish everyone to get success, but if you have the chance to fuck off from your country. Think about it twice and make sure. And even if you do, you will feel what I describe here sooner or later.

So yeah, get work abroad if you must, work outside if you need. But never leave that home of your’s completely. Once you do the return will be harder and bitter. So travel for a while, work somewhere outside but return. Yes your country may be god forsaken, fucked up. But you still grew up there and lived there, you are fucking used to living there. Your body is, your mentality may want to fuck off. But in the end you will return. And hopefully once the situation everywhere will become capable of sustaining a life or people normally!

Take a lesson from this!

Robert C. Friedrich


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