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The green, new and friendly ZURKER, is forming a new SOCIAL NETWORK

For now it is in Beta testing, and you can only join via Invitation


A link like this one:



Since it is still in Beta Testing, some of its functions are not fully working, but are under development, and you or I or anyone can suggest what we can improve in it!

Another cool thing, is if you have multiple E-mails

You can add them all under one account, and multiple passwords you can add also.

Like you have 10 E-mails, and 10 Passwords, anyone of them will get you into your own Zurker Account.

We will have a page once it is fully Operational as a part of our Social Network

Ah and also, if you join now and help Zurker get more people in

You can own a part of Zurker Shares!

For now all shares are in Zurker’s vshares. Since we are in a democracy you can earn a maximum of 500 of these. For now one vShare is 1 USD, so if you have 500 of those, well you can count!

It will be converted into money one Zurker Reaches 100 000 000 Users!

And the best part is, its not a Joke, or Scam or anything!

Its how the new Social Network is building up!

So again, follow the link

Register as a single Identity, share this link or blog post with friends and join in

Later yourself can invite people, and if you enjoy and like it there, make sure you post a comment as thanks  : )

Robert C. Friedrich