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flycam test flight!We all love great movies, music videos and concerts and events. These days sometimes the footage looks better than real life due to HD and shit like that. But no matter what you do you cannot forget how many camera it took and how many people to pull it off. Especially the shoots from high above or seemingly impossible close up’s on car chases. In these cases usually huge cranes and heavy machinery are used. For car chases sometimes a thing called a ‘Russian Arm’ can be used. A camera that can move freely mounted on a portable crane. Most of these machines are huge and take up space and time to set up or be maintained pristine.


But there is a possibility to take it to a different direction. Over 4 years this team has successfully shown how aerial photography and videos can be made by a high quality team and their Remote controlled flying camera aircrafts. Small, fun to use and well the results are pretty impressive. The company based in Ukraine can now be there when you need it. Just have a look at one of their videos and what it could mean for you!

Once you watch this and your jaw drops, watch some more!


Anyways simply visit

The website is also available in English

See what other stuff they do, see the team, see the machines and see how they can benefit at your next photo/video shoot of any event you have planned.


Thank you and enjoy the Bird view!

Robert C. Friedrich