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164219_552348794796251_1741288770_nHello everyone, here is a short update so that everyone is in the loop. First things first, thank you all for your support! It’s been an amazing run so far! And it’s only going get bigger! Besides my freelance writing, book writing and other fun shit I do. There is an update on some events. First I finally am returning to the Tomb Raider franchise after so many years. Second I’m going to record all my gaming/walkthrough footage and this will be uploaded and online on a different channel then mine. Namely the GAMERS GANG channel! I will post all the important links below. My channel will remain online and there I will upload other stuff as well. Like now for example I’m uploading as well DOOM 3 BFG EDITION, THE LOST MISSION. All 8 missions, in 8 videos!


So let’s get to the links:

First my personal FB, you can reach my page and or twitter simply by going here to the section above CONTACT US.

Otherwise just find me here:


Gamers Gang:

This is the channel where my videos will be online

And for news simply go here:


I’m known as RobAE here not to get confused 😀


And also I admin this new but great page so some of my news might end up here! (~RobAE)


And finally once more my own channel where at this point you can find:

Call of Duty: Black Ops PC

Dead Space 3 PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines PC

Dead Space 3: Awakened

And as I mentioned I’m uploading

Doom 3 BFG The Lost Missions


All and more you can simply find here:–yA?feature=mhee

It’s simple and easy to navigate, and videos are online! \m/


Thank you for all your support and look me up anywhere you wish!

Robert C. Friedrich





Cannot believe is that time of the month again, but also its coming the end of the year. That harsh 2012. Unlike last month we gonna put up 3 top channels and prepare the top 3 for 5th of January 2013.

So lets get this show on the road




3 – This Channel is pretty cool especially if you love games! theRadBrad does game walkthroughs. My personal favorites are the ones for Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.


2- MachinimaPrime – Has basically all you need. Just check it out and you will see!


1 – X-Play, yes this time everything is basically about games, games and more great and crazy games.


In any case, please. All of you have a great New Year, and like all of us we hope 2013 will be much better than 2012. Hope you enjoyed this short post with tons of material to be watched inside!


So HAPPY NEW YEAR and we will see you all in 2013!


Robert C. Friedrich