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EBD 1 - First Encounter (Cover)BOML Cover In case you missed any and all Info on the Release of The Darkness Within Last Month. The links below will guide you to all info:

Now to other important. It was a glorious release and a great feeling settled in, as well as a hunger. A hunger for more, so I picked up some of my old side projects, and after continues non-stop work days and weeks. We are here at this point and I am glad to share this with you all!

First release is this lovely, dark and twisted Anthology of Short Stories. These Stories will shatter your perspective of reality. From Horror to Sci-fi and more.

It is entitled:

ENLIGHTENED BY DARKNESS – Vol.1 First Encounter;jsessionid=E0FAD96E6A1502BE03FE5DA005560BB6


The trailer is here:

And now to the latest release. I took the bull by the horns and flipped it around like crazy.


From Ancient Egyptian Mythology, through the Dark, inspired by Games to the Down Right Fucking Funny. 27 Metal Lyrics Await you in this latest release! What you call lyrics without the song? You can even call it poetry…so Enjoy THE ETERNAL COLLECTION OF METAL POETRY (LYRICS)

Available here:



Thank you all \m/



Here we are again, as every time at the end of a Month we post top 3 Videos or Channels from youtube, that we found or saw or just plain and simply missed in this month and had to see and hear again.

Last month this post was all about games. This month we are mixing shit up and everyone will find what they like. So let’s make this one short and painless!

Number 3 –This must be the funniest shirt I have ever seen on TV. WWE Raw Rock Concert. The best part about this concert is this amazing and fucking funny Cover. Wonderful tonight from Eric Clapton covered by The Rock and specially rewritten just for her. Isn’t that Sweet? Trust me it’s the best song I have ever heard!

Number 2 – Goes out to this amazing Easter egg from Black Ops 2. The concert at the end of the game is Epic, cool and funny. Especially if you played the series and understand the characters. Epic shit!

Just so you know its Avenged Sevenfold – Carry On

Number 1 – This was a hard cookie to crunch. But it goes out to the most played song of January 2013


See you all in February!

Robert C. Friedrich

Nearing the end of 2012 and Hollywood presents itself with the new trailer for the latest

Marvel Production

Iron Man 3, Coming MAY 2013 (Probably)

The Trailer is easy to spot, G4 TV notification came quick!

But here I let you watch it on youtube!




So here we are again, Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey JR.) Is now suffering post traumatic stress from his post send with a Nuke to space days from the Avengers!

That’s what they tell us, and from trailer is working on more ways of how to get his suit on piece by piece by the way of mind control. Any more cool effects?


Ben Kingsley, playing yet another villain, this time the 10 rings of power crazy guy THE MANDARIN!

Blowing up Toney’s suites, house, and probably torturing his love interest Pepper!


All cool and good, even Guy Pearce joins in after his Role of Peter Weyland in Prometheus!


From what we can see, Iron Man 3 will be a darker, more brutal Story than the former two parts, hopefully thou the sense of Humor Tony always had, has not left him! Even after his home landed on his head!

Wonder what happened thou to Jarvis, the one no one ever talks about! Hope his motherboard won’t fry in the watery grave!


In any case, we are keeping a close eye on this Situation!

Robert C. Friedrich