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Lucky number 3

Posted: 26/10/2012 in Article
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Today marks you can call it a mini anniversary but still it’s a great day here for us and all is well

Today also marks our blogs and everything associated with them running for 3 weeks, and in these 3 weeks I believe we have done great progress and had a great start. Clap for yourself all who made this possible.

Just a note, at the end of (our) working month which is 5th of November, a new post will be made for the 3 in these following 3 Categories! 3 Countries that mostly viewed us! (This might differ from blog to blog)




3 Most read posts and 3 greatest articles we read on the internet!

And yes my lucky number is 3 so, no questions : )

Right now what I decided to share with you, are our 3 most favorite videos on Youtube!

So enjoy and share:

This video basically rocks, I will not spoil the fun (even thou you might know it) but it’s epic and most memorable moment is LETS OPEN UP THIS PIT!

Next on the line, is the cool and also funny video, I will just call it, not your usual FARMER

Last but not least one video I found by accident, after I heard the song on the radio and just loved the combination made to this video. Let’s keep it simple and go with HALO (not the one from Beyonce!)

So thanks to all our fans, sponsors and supporters. Enjoy this post and share it for the masses

Oh and to quote the great words from ARCH ENEMY!


“There will be dead silence and then a new beginning

Let the cult of chaos reign

There are many ways to die

But only one way to live

Let the cult of chaos reign

Be as free as you can be”


Thank you

Robert C. Friedrich