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EBD 1 - First Encounter (Cover)BOML Cover In case you missed any and all Info on the Release of The Darkness Within Last Month. The links below will guide you to all info:

Now to other important. It was a glorious release and a great feeling settled in, as well as a hunger. A hunger for more, so I picked up some of my old side projects, and after continues non-stop work days and weeks. We are here at this point and I am glad to share this with you all!

First release is this lovely, dark and twisted Anthology of Short Stories. These Stories will shatter your perspective of reality. From Horror to Sci-fi and more.

It is entitled:

ENLIGHTENED BY DARKNESS – Vol.1 First Encounter;jsessionid=E0FAD96E6A1502BE03FE5DA005560BB6


The trailer is here:

And now to the latest release. I took the bull by the horns and flipped it around like crazy.


From Ancient Egyptian Mythology, through the Dark, inspired by Games to the Down Right Fucking Funny. 27 Metal Lyrics Await you in this latest release! What you call lyrics without the song? You can even call it poetry…so Enjoy THE ETERNAL COLLECTION OF METAL POETRY (LYRICS)

Available here:



Thank you all \m/


The Top 3

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As it was promised earlier, below will be the top 3 statistics for the following 3 fields!


Top 3 Countries:

This might vary from blog to blog, since you know we have two of them. Even thou both have the same info, some prefer blogger and others wordpress!


So here are the 3 Countries that we got the most views from (If you used a proxy server or a VPN program such as Cyber Ghost to shield your real IP address, you have helped another country get more votes.

3rd place goes to – ROMANIA

2nd place goes to – UKRAINE

1st place winner – USA

This was a close battle thou, clap for yourself.


Next are the three most read topics that have been posted here and read by you!

3rd places goes to – IRON MAN 3

2nd place goes to – REIGN OF INFECTED RAIN

1st place winner with a shocking surprise – MATIAS


Below you will find links to our favorite articles released on the internet!

3rd place goes for – Yes the Stratos Jump and why it almost didn’t happen

2nd place goes for – Apocalypse preparations

1st place winner – This cool and funny article on