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Crysis3Here for the news hungry people, comes the news for the Gamers Lounge for March 2013. With finally Dead space 3 videos being online, and Aliens still being uploaded. Crysis 3 is en route and and since I haven’t tested it yet, there are no promises regarding a Full Series. Tomb Raider arrives early in the start and will be a great focus as well. Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC should become a series as well since this was one of the greatest things released. And at the end of the month, Resident Evil 6 and Bioshock Infinite are on the list as well. The month looks promising and everyone is hopefully excited. I apologize if some of my videos were upload a bit too much at a time, was doing the most I could out of Cairo’s stable connection. Once I return to Hurghada (In 2 days) there will be day breaks within uploads.

For the people that have issues with Links or do not follow me on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.

Here are so far the 3 playlists:


Dead Space 3


Aliens: Colonial Marines–VxenK-ROYg&feature=view_all


Call of Duty – Black Ops


I apologize directly but due to time constrain, internet issues and other complicated stuff. Medal of Honor (2010) and Black ops 2 so far remain not a main priority for upload. They are with me at this point and will do my best do get them out there. Busy month once again awaits us. Not just for gamers thou but for everything.

However I am happy to report that some great, great luck fell in my hands and makes everything so much better. So with this new found power boost and this news update. Let’s kick some ass!

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich

AliensColonialMarinesBoxWe promised you a surprise for 2013, you got it. Yesterday after a fierce battle and competition between a two laptops. One i5 Lenovo and i7 HP, we lost the fight for the HP but won the Lenovo.

Yes its a Laptop : Lenovo Ideapad Z580a

Intel i5-3210m processor with 2.5 GZ and boost till 3.1 GZ

4 Gigabyte of RAM DDR3 but we will most probably increase till 8 Gigabyte ones it arrives by the end of this Week

2gb Nvidia dedicated graphic card, not sure but I guess its the 630M

Now to all the gamers, this ain’t the hottest or the strongest thing on the market, but it will handle what it has too. Besides the writing and other stuff, it will have one more task

Because of this budget achievement: We are Expending this blog and adding an Extra page on top of it designated GAMERS LOUNGE. So let me explain to you what we are going to do and what not.


We are gonna do Single Player walkthroughs and record them to be published on our Youtube Channel, with a short post on our blogs with the first part of the video series. If this does well, we upload the rest for all you guys who follow us!

Since we got what we got, we will try to push it to the limit as far as we can. Thus the 8gigabyte ram update. But we also going to do a Nostalgia kind of thing, we are also gonna play and publish older games.

Before we say what games are gonna be tried. We are looking forward to ALIENS : COLONIAL MARINES we want to do this one badly for you. hopefully it will be manageable.

To warm up and to get you guys to join in, and enjoy what we can do, we are also going to do these starting really soon, but remember they can come in any order and its also with Nostalgic games so enjoy:

Remember these are PC Edition’s:

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo 2 (Is Possible if everything goes well)

Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 + 2

Max Payne 3 (This might be hard though)

Wolfenstein 2009

X-Men: Origins – Wolverine 2009

Far Cry 2 ( Probably)

Wanted: Weapons of Fate and Quake 4 only if people will enjoy and want it

Same goes for Area 51

But Black Site: Area 51 I wanna do for sure

And we might go for Crysis 3

Besides all these, I will finally try to finish some older games and catch up with Crysis original games etc.

Will also depend on your requests and how well we do.

So keep an Eye Opened and soon the fun starts

What we are not gonna do:

Performance checks, try to play on Ultra High graphics etc, or play on hardest difficulty! We will try to keep it simple, just playing the game, talking about it, helping you guys, or just remembering past good days. We will try the smoothest game-play so if the game is Smooth on Medium-High graphics its fine with me. Low or Ultra i will not do or post, unless Ultra is flawless too.

I will not do multiplayer, co-op or any online games. Simply because internet connection that I got sucks, its slow and its barely enough for basic typing for you guys or E-mail checks.

Uploads of videos will be done from a different location.

You opinions and advice are always welcome however. Or if you have special requests, just comment or mail them to me!

Consoles or PC upgrades we might do if everything goes well as it should go. So keep them eyes opened and Game on!


Robert C. Friedrich


This is for all gamers and well stealth hunters who love Assassin’s Creed!

First to sum it shortly up in one sentence for the people who have no idea what I’m talking about –

Assassin’s Creed is a historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that as of 2012 consists of five main games! And is very fucking popular, with great graphics and a lot of fun!

Now that you googled and binged it and are interested in playing, well you are welcome, for the rest of you lets continue.

It has been revealed that a movie adaptation of this series is in works. And that DAVID (aka Michael Fassbender) is a lead role.

Now the main problem, Hollywood sucks at making movies that are based on games, no matter who the hell you let it write or direct, in the end it flops mostly! Why? Because Hollywood wants to make money and not satisfy the minority, which is us gamers, since to him the bigger pot is the General public!

I am preparing another longer article with other movies which are being or want to be adapted from games. Once it’s complete it will be shared here! It’s under construction at another site at this moment!

Even thou us gamers spend millions and millions of dollars etc for games to enjoy our time and to fund the game creators!

Some of the movies Hollywood already fucked up are such titles as DOOM, or Prince of Persia. And I was looking forward actually to a Brutal, Metal Music Fueled, Bloody and Gory Horror style Prince of Persia 2 Warrior Within adaptation, but that we can forget, anyways back to the main subject.

The thing with Assassin’s creed, the problem is first games are designed to fill a gamers 20-40 and more hours of gameplay, story line etc.

A movie has a max of like 2 or 2 and half hours to fill!

To squeeze all that in is hard, fucking hard.

The best way which will never happen is to take hmm say 100 or more gamers, who played the game, play it for the Producers, than the best moments or coolest and really really important parts are chosen and there you go a nice movie based on a game that might work for a lot of people! Especially gamers since we deserve it the most!

But what’s probably going to happen, as Hollywood is known for, they will end up pretty far from the story and Enjoyment!

Here is a probable version of what might happen!

Either the whole plot will be like a game arcade, simulate a Bartenders long lost ancestor memories. Something like the matrix already and will spoil everything. Will try to teach us a bit of history, will cut or blood and cool effects from it, will add some bullshit soundtrack to it. And there you go, pack it and ship it!

Even with Ubisoft on board to prepare it.

What seems a really probable version of this will be (this is after analyzing Hollywood’s mess with making adaptations from games)

They will add fucking time Travel, someone from the future is sent to the past, He wakes up in Mud, does not remember anything, is recruited by Assassins, first half of the movie he will do little tasks, train good and will become ever so better, while probably having really vivid nightmares of his past from the future!

2nd half he is sent to murder the fuck out of some clan of probably even 9 important people, at once, which will probably look like fucking gun-taka for 30 minutes only with swords, stealth and other medieval weapons!

At the end he gets betrayed by the 10th guy, who is the big, big boss, who well surprise is the bad guy who erased his memory and sent him to the past to do his dirty work! The beginning of the movie we learned to trust him and like him, now he is an asshole (TYPICAL)

For the end battle they add Sci-fi and guns, backup from the future etc, a lot of special effects and explosions in both the past and future (their present) and a grand Finally filled with insanity and other shit that tells us, hey this is just the beginning, we need you to go to the past again and collect the same shit he was after (the big boss you just murdered finally with mix of assassin skills and cool mix of heavy guns and daggers)

The end, roll credits, general public likes it, the rest hate it, people do not give a shit, Hollywood makes money and only they remain happy!

But if you kind of think about it from a different perspective, this might be a cool idea!

Hey Hollywood, I’ll write this script for you and you pay me in Advance ok? Rights for this movie idea are expensive! We will just rename it to Assassin’s of the Past and Future, and not of Equilibrium from who we steal some cool moments!

Now a lot of you may disagree with me, in the end I am just human, but think about it for a second, how movies ended up or end up being after being adapted to the Big Screen, this is a probable truth here people!

Us gamers might in the end just pick up on it, save money and make a huge fund and make a better movie then Hollywood ever could, One With the Strength of a Host and more, and since it will not be funded by a major studio we go straight to DVD or Blu-ray and live happy and not so rich. But more Happy!

Feel free to post your comments on how stupid or how great this was to read!

Thanks and till Next Time!

Robert C. Friedrich