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EBD 3 LULUHello everyone, I know I have not been around for some time, but it has been quite a ride for now and its just getting started. There are many news and updates I am going to share with you so best to start right away. 2013 has been a good year in total, lots of changes and opportunities. Most of the services however and Gamers Lounge however are now on stand by, including where I was at Gamers Gang. Why? Simple; not enough time for now. I will still try to post when I can and keep everyone up to date. For those who want immediate updates, simply add me on FB – – there you go.

Next to some more positive news, so far I release 5 full length books and a couple of free ones. The free ones are there to give you a taste etc of what to expect. All info, interview, trailers and the releases can be found here :

Now the bigger news I am also now on Amazon so to simplify that:


That wasn’t so bad now was it? Next well since this is my blog, even though it started as something else when I was still doing different jobs, I also have a site now. Yes you read it correctly. Time for you to Fear the Darkness again – ton of info, trailers, samples and links here so enjoy.

Next I have two more releases already published, anthologies with other authors that I am part of. So Far there are 2 but am in works to increase that number to a possible but more details on them later.

So far I am in DEMONIC VISIONS Vol.1 and the next book is already in works:

And one more called FLASH IT!

Flash stories for the people who do not have too much time to read. Flash Fiction!

Had a really good time on this interview so you will want to read it to more an insight into my life:

Yes I am on Goodreads too.

Next well the new exciting trailer you may have missed:

Yes, you have a ton of stuff to catch up so; go and have some FUN! I doubt I missed everything, but just check out the links and you will see.

PS – The Big Surprise:

Catch me Live November 16th :

My Time: 6:30 PM
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See you there

Robert Friedrich


EBD 1 - First Encounter (Cover)BOML Cover In case you missed any and all Info on the Release of The Darkness Within Last Month. The links below will guide you to all info:

Now to other important. It was a glorious release and a great feeling settled in, as well as a hunger. A hunger for more, so I picked up some of my old side projects, and after continues non-stop work days and weeks. We are here at this point and I am glad to share this with you all!

First release is this lovely, dark and twisted Anthology of Short Stories. These Stories will shatter your perspective of reality. From Horror to Sci-fi and more.

It is entitled:

ENLIGHTENED BY DARKNESS – Vol.1 First Encounter;jsessionid=E0FAD96E6A1502BE03FE5DA005560BB6


The trailer is here:

And now to the latest release. I took the bull by the horns and flipped it around like crazy.


From Ancient Egyptian Mythology, through the Dark, inspired by Games to the Down Right Fucking Funny. 27 Metal Lyrics Await you in this latest release! What you call lyrics without the song? You can even call it poetry…so Enjoy THE ETERNAL COLLECTION OF METAL POETRY (LYRICS)

Available here:



Thank you all \m/






Horror fans everywhere, this one is for you all. Anyways, over the past decades, many great flicks came and went. Some more known, some less. But all of it had something in it, great horror for everyone. Who can forget flicks like Aliens, or The Thing and many others. There was always something for everyone. So This is going to be a list of some of the new ones or still being prepared that We wish to see and maybe some of you will get Inspired.



I am one of those few for example who still didn’t see some of the latest general flicks like Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall or Dredd, or even the new Resident Evil! But still am planning to, the last horror genre style movie i have seen was Resident Evil: Damnation (The animated one) and it was cool, depends on who you are if you liked it. I mean my partner, she managed to sleep through most of the movie, yeah with all the screaming, gun fire, gushing blood etc she slept like a baby.


Anyways here are some of the new stuff that we and hopefully you are looking forward to! And yes I still didn’t manage to get my hands on The Bay!


The ABC’s Of Death

Oh yeah, this baby we are dying to watch. 26 Directors, a horror fans wet dream. I hope you like your popcorn bloody cause this is the movie brought by the same people who were responsible for V/H/S and some reports say someone actually fainted by that movie.

Anyways enjoy the trailer



What can we say about this movie. Just it looks a bit unique and well we shall see if it can deliver. Gore is really probable although for some reason I think I saw something that looked like The Thing there, in any case it it is movie not to be missed.

Have fun


Troll Hunter

Ok this might not be that scary for everyone, but from the trailer it is guaranteed amazing and new. How long have we been waiting for trolls in a cool new movie?


John Dies At the End

The glorious book turned movie adaptation. I cannot stress how much it is a must see. We are dying for the DVD to watch it at home in our personal home Theater and piss off the neighbors.


Evil Dead

There dead, and there back! Finally the long awaited return of Evil Dead is finally coming. Who were does not miss this? This was a masterpiece of its time. Especially EVIL DEAD 2. That shit was just amazing and I still enjoy watching it. Especially that funny scene with all the furniture coming to life.

Yes this one

In any case it seems the new version brings alot of the good stuff back, and more. Just one question. Where is Bruce?

And who can forget the video from Strapping Young Lad – Love? Themed of EVIL DEAD is amazing!



And last but not least Jezebeth, I cannot find this flick yet here, but Its something I been wanting to see for ages. Not to mention the appearance and music from the great band BLOODSTREAM PARADE. Seeing Wolf in the movie, mind bending!

If you didn’t hear BLOODSTREAM PARADE yet, do it now!

Enjoy the vids, we did.

Now back to our Halo!

Robert C. Friedrich

The Bay 2012

In cinemas near you November 2nd 2012

I decided to take a break on the weekend to write about this movie, which has been anyways lurking in the back of my mind since a couple of weeks now.

The Bay is a new Sci-fi/Horror movie produced by Automatic Entertainment and Hydraulx.

Directed by Barry Levinson

Full cast details etc. Can be found on

Now I am a great Horror, Sci-fi and Action fan, so obviously I’m curious, but the thing that strikes me the most on this movie was already in the Poster! The human skull under an X-ray and a weird bug in his mouth, now I’m a bit disappointed already since like this they give away all fun from the movie.

Because from this you can already imagine what is coming, a lot of people are afraid of this but or should I say Parasite, yes there is a Parasite like this in our WORLD, but it mostly infests fish!

Its name is Cymothoa Exigua. Now the best way to describe this bug, in its raw face and details I leave to the people on this page who grasp the full nature of this Parasite and other creatures, even maybe in a funny way!

But basically again yes this Parasite really exists, but no it does not Infect humans, only fish, there are many funny videos on youtube or fake articles about it being found in humans.

Yes some truth to Sci-fi is always good, but showing it directly in the poster? I see no originality in this, especially if you have a premise such as Sci-fi, you can take it much further than this!

Now in a way I’m sorry for if I spoiled some ones lunch or movie experience! I will still go and see this film, but it better be mind blowing. Plus you can take Cymothoa Exigua to a sicker stage than it already is, as mentioned people some people fear it now! So these people I think will have the most fun!

But once more, its sad that there is less originality in this, I mean half the people probably know this Parasite and will call FAKE while watching the movie, even in Sci-fi premises!

I hope we can dare to be surprised and maybe entertained by this Movie!

If you have any comments on this, please write and do not hesitate to speak you’re mind!

Robert C.Friedrich