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newsboyMarch has passed and gave way to Aprik, so fast that it’s already forgotten by most of us.  To remind us a bit about the great month of March, it’s time again to see our 3 categories how they did this time on the blog and internet. Reminder: We are doing the top 3 in 3 categories. Top 3 Countries that viewed this blog during the month (if you used a proxy or ip address changer you helped a different country score points). 3 Most read posts on the blog and 3 top articles or news I have read during this month or just recently.

Are you guys ready? I sure am!




3rd Place goes this month to: CANADA

2nd Place goes to: England (Its moving up every time)

1st Place: Defending Champion the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! (USA Why are you guys so awesome?)


Now we move on to posts

3rd place ranked this month is: Online, No one can hear you scream! (has fallen from 2nd place to third)

2nd Place: 3 For the Metal! \m/

1st Place winner: Biggest surprise – THE BAY (2012) (WTF already I need to see this shit)

And finally the top 3 things I have read online:


3rd Place goes to: Since videos were replaced


2nd place goes to: Since I did not post about videos by the end of the month as I did before I just have to post this! My friend Kawaii on AtheneWins interview! Rate The Cosplayer!

And to that the news about Manson who missed it!


1st place had to be this, just had to be my own article \m/


Anyways hope you enjoyed this. More awesome shit coming. Book is nearly complete. Recording of Resident Evil 6 Started for the PC. EPIC!

Keep it up guys!

Thanks to everyone

Robert C. Friedrich

Easter with Dead SpaceHello everyone, instead of my customary way of waving a month goodbye by sharing some videos with you. Today we say goodbye to March with the news on what awaits in April. April just to let you know will be one awesome fucking month. So please keep your hands together and do not droll on your keyboards or tablet devices as you read this. 2013 Has been smiling unto a ton of people and I think that success can come to anyone if he tries. So yes you guys drooled enough let’s get back to the news.

The Darkness Within:

Yes I spoke about just few days ago, just want to give you a little heads up that each day that passes. This is more and more finished. Actually I’m about to enter the final stages! So everyone we are not far from our June RELEASE.

Gamers Lounge:

I know I have been a bit silent about my own channel and stuff; yes it’s been an epic month so far. But for anyone who might have missed my big posts, boasts and god knows what here is a recap of what happened and what is still coming.

Besides me finally beaten my PC to obey and produce HD quality videos. Which can be seen on my Dead Space 3 Awakened videos, there are still however 4 parts missing of Doom 3 BFG The Lost Mission and these parts will be uploaded the next coming days.  Besides that I have begun recording some footage from Darksiders II. The optional Crucible waves, downed for now half of this bastard. Died once, and 3 videos will be online soon to show you what you missed.–yA?feature=mhee

My Channel, keeping it pretty simple here still!

To sum it up, finally my article came out and if someone missed that hilarious shit! LOOK HERE

Gamers Gang:

Now we get to the good stuff, you may have noticed some of my videos have appeared on a different channel. That’s because I also game, record and upload here for everyone to enjoy me. My Pseudonym is RobAE. Yeah typical me, easy to write and remember, but besides that I did a full series of Tomb Raider 2013 PC here, and besides 8 more videos which will come in say 2 days. It’s uploaded fully. I will be now doing RESIDENT EVIL 6 All 4 Campaigns and HEART OF DARKNESS on this channel. Besides this awesomeness BIOSHOCK INIFITE will be done by a co-gamer of mine. So we are all really looking forward to that! And who knows I might surprise you near the end of the month with STAR TREK The game!

So if you miss me or look for me, find my videos here!

On top of all this epic developments, there are a few surprises that await you. One of them being me preparing an online gaming session with my friend Kawaii. But more details for that will still come later. Since some surprises are great to keep to last minute \m/

So where do I finish here. Well let’s just listen to some fucking great METAL. A ton of that has been already mentioned on my blog. Let’s kick some ass and I see you guys on the START OF APRIL!

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich


PS: Lest I forget, HAPPY FUCKING EASTER  hehehehe

yes YOU!Welcome back to some more cool shit! Was actually thinking of posting this yesterday already, but I rather enjoyed the company of someone really special to me. As it is with this place here, I post generally anything that interests me. I write about things that I enjoy and for the people who enjoy it as well. So a great thanks to all my supporters thus far and lets kick some more ass shall we? Hell Yeah!

Today’s post is all about some great new shit I got to listen to and I thank all who helped me get in touch with this! Now let’s spread the word further!


Carnal Blasphemy

Some Brutal Death Metal coming to you all the way from Colombia! Formed in 2005 these amazing guys have self released 2 EP’s already and I heard some news regarding of some more great stuff from these guys should be coming this year! This is for all the people who love them some great Death Metal. Especially if you listen to other bands such as Cattle Decapitation or Dying Fetus!

Your Suffering is My Pleasure!

These days everyone is on Facebook so find these guys, listen to their shit online and buy their amazing EP’s!


Infected Rain

Dear friends and always fun and great people. Infected rain has been climbing up and higher ever since they formed, 2 EP’s, a great full album and whispers of amazing shit being prepared. This is some of the best nu metal/female fronted band out there so make sure you check this shit out! And since yesterday was the day of all women, they released their new video “STOP WAITING” which is also their new single! Once you listen to some of this great shit, you just can’t get enough!

Find everything you will want to see right here:


Thy Art is Murder

Coming from Australia all the way to blast some amazing Deathcore in your face! Formed as well in 2005 and part of the Nuclear Blast label! When it’s Nuclear it’s always a fucking blast! I had the chance to listen some of their great new shit and their album HATE is an absolute master fucking piece! I love the whole thing and can listen to it over and over again but if I had to pick one song to listen to a ton it will always be SHADOW OF ETERNAL SIN. Pre-order that shit and get the rest of their things, I know you want to!


I enjoy all 3 of these, among many others and my only difficulty sometimes is which one to listen to first. If I could I play it all at the same time and let my brain explode!

Since you reached this part of the article, you better have clicked everywhere and listened to everything. If you haven’t DO IT FUCKING NOW!

And as always have a great time.


Robert C. Friedrich

Crysis3Here for the news hungry people, comes the news for the Gamers Lounge for March 2013. With finally Dead space 3 videos being online, and Aliens still being uploaded. Crysis 3 is en route and and since I haven’t tested it yet, there are no promises regarding a Full Series. Tomb Raider arrives early in the start and will be a great focus as well. Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC should become a series as well since this was one of the greatest things released. And at the end of the month, Resident Evil 6 and Bioshock Infinite are on the list as well. The month looks promising and everyone is hopefully excited. I apologize if some of my videos were upload a bit too much at a time, was doing the most I could out of Cairo’s stable connection. Once I return to Hurghada (In 2 days) there will be day breaks within uploads.

For the people that have issues with Links or do not follow me on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.

Here are so far the 3 playlists:


Dead Space 3


Aliens: Colonial Marines–VxenK-ROYg&feature=view_all


Call of Duty – Black Ops


I apologize directly but due to time constrain, internet issues and other complicated stuff. Medal of Honor (2010) and Black ops 2 so far remain not a main priority for upload. They are with me at this point and will do my best do get them out there. Busy month once again awaits us. Not just for gamers thou but for everything.

However I am happy to report that some great, great luck fell in my hands and makes everything so much better. So with this new found power boost and this news update. Let’s kick some ass!

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich