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top-newsWelcome to May, I am sorry for the lack of posts recently. Everything has been given full force and concetration on the THE DARKNESS WITHIN. Its nearly complete and all the paperwork is in progress for its publishing next month. Right now a little late but better than never. We look at what was the most favorite news and posts in the month April 2013. Everyone knows already how this goes, but if you are new let me put it down for you what to expect now. We are doing the top 3 in 3 categories. Top 3 Countries that viewed this blog during the month (if you used a proxy or ip address changer you helped a different country score points). 3 Most read posts on the blog and 3 top articles or news I have read during this month or just recently.




Let us get started:


On 3rd place this time with a really big surprise – SLOVAKIA (My home country)

On 2nd place this time is CANADA

and our number 1 as always remains USA (you guys rock)


On 3rd place we go metal with DECEIVER OF THE GODS \m/

2nd place once more with great pleasure goes ONLINE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM

and first place once more goes to THE BAY 2012 (which I finally saw, and yes I was right)

And finally the top 3 things I have read online:

I really enjoyed this photoplasty

(I know its new but as I said most power went to THE DARKNESS WITHIN)

Let’s put up a video here now

I just had to put this video up here thanks to my beloved darling – Its the funniest shit ever

And this news which hit 2 days ago made me really happy. Another Wolfenstein game, no multiplayer YEAH

Yes I never really cared about multiplayer, I preffer the story driven Campaign!


I’ll see you all really soon

Robert C. Friedrich


Easter with Dead SpaceHello everyone, instead of my customary way of waving a month goodbye by sharing some videos with you. Today we say goodbye to March with the news on what awaits in April. April just to let you know will be one awesome fucking month. So please keep your hands together and do not droll on your keyboards or tablet devices as you read this. 2013 Has been smiling unto a ton of people and I think that success can come to anyone if he tries. So yes you guys drooled enough let’s get back to the news.

The Darkness Within:

Yes I spoke about just few days ago, just want to give you a little heads up that each day that passes. This is more and more finished. Actually I’m about to enter the final stages! So everyone we are not far from our June RELEASE.

Gamers Lounge:

I know I have been a bit silent about my own channel and stuff; yes it’s been an epic month so far. But for anyone who might have missed my big posts, boasts and god knows what here is a recap of what happened and what is still coming.

Besides me finally beaten my PC to obey and produce HD quality videos. Which can be seen on my Dead Space 3 Awakened videos, there are still however 4 parts missing of Doom 3 BFG The Lost Mission and these parts will be uploaded the next coming days.  Besides that I have begun recording some footage from Darksiders II. The optional Crucible waves, downed for now half of this bastard. Died once, and 3 videos will be online soon to show you what you missed.–yA?feature=mhee

My Channel, keeping it pretty simple here still!

To sum it up, finally my article came out and if someone missed that hilarious shit! LOOK HERE

Gamers Gang:

Now we get to the good stuff, you may have noticed some of my videos have appeared on a different channel. That’s because I also game, record and upload here for everyone to enjoy me. My Pseudonym is RobAE. Yeah typical me, easy to write and remember, but besides that I did a full series of Tomb Raider 2013 PC here, and besides 8 more videos which will come in say 2 days. It’s uploaded fully. I will be now doing RESIDENT EVIL 6 All 4 Campaigns and HEART OF DARKNESS on this channel. Besides this awesomeness BIOSHOCK INIFITE will be done by a co-gamer of mine. So we are all really looking forward to that! And who knows I might surprise you near the end of the month with STAR TREK The game!

So if you miss me or look for me, find my videos here!

On top of all this epic developments, there are a few surprises that await you. One of them being me preparing an online gaming session with my friend Kawaii. But more details for that will still come later. Since some surprises are great to keep to last minute \m/

So where do I finish here. Well let’s just listen to some fucking great METAL. A ton of that has been already mentioned on my blog. Let’s kick some ass and I see you guys on the START OF APRIL!

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich


PS: Lest I forget, HAPPY FUCKING EASTER  hehehehe

yes YOU!Welcome back to some more cool shit! Was actually thinking of posting this yesterday already, but I rather enjoyed the company of someone really special to me. As it is with this place here, I post generally anything that interests me. I write about things that I enjoy and for the people who enjoy it as well. So a great thanks to all my supporters thus far and lets kick some more ass shall we? Hell Yeah!

Today’s post is all about some great new shit I got to listen to and I thank all who helped me get in touch with this! Now let’s spread the word further!


Carnal Blasphemy

Some Brutal Death Metal coming to you all the way from Colombia! Formed in 2005 these amazing guys have self released 2 EP’s already and I heard some news regarding of some more great stuff from these guys should be coming this year! This is for all the people who love them some great Death Metal. Especially if you listen to other bands such as Cattle Decapitation or Dying Fetus!

Your Suffering is My Pleasure!

These days everyone is on Facebook so find these guys, listen to their shit online and buy their amazing EP’s!


Infected Rain

Dear friends and always fun and great people. Infected rain has been climbing up and higher ever since they formed, 2 EP’s, a great full album and whispers of amazing shit being prepared. This is some of the best nu metal/female fronted band out there so make sure you check this shit out! And since yesterday was the day of all women, they released their new video “STOP WAITING” which is also their new single! Once you listen to some of this great shit, you just can’t get enough!

Find everything you will want to see right here:


Thy Art is Murder

Coming from Australia all the way to blast some amazing Deathcore in your face! Formed as well in 2005 and part of the Nuclear Blast label! When it’s Nuclear it’s always a fucking blast! I had the chance to listen some of their great new shit and their album HATE is an absolute master fucking piece! I love the whole thing and can listen to it over and over again but if I had to pick one song to listen to a ton it will always be SHADOW OF ETERNAL SIN. Pre-order that shit and get the rest of their things, I know you want to!


I enjoy all 3 of these, among many others and my only difficulty sometimes is which one to listen to first. If I could I play it all at the same time and let my brain explode!

Since you reached this part of the article, you better have clicked everywhere and listened to everything. If you haven’t DO IT FUCKING NOW!

And as always have a great time.


Robert C. Friedrich


Route 66



So how is February treating you all? Everyone getting ready for valentine yet? Anyways now I wanted to take the chance finally to write something about Music. I know you have been waiting for this. Anyways since I’m doing a ton of stuff and barely catch up with the music news I’m a bit slow on some things. So finally I got to listen to some music I was either recommended or found and wanted to share some of these things with you. Some of you may know these, some of you may not. So this will be a bit for everyone.




Tomorrow Never Knows:

First new thing I heard this time around was this band from Germany. I could talk round and round about this or that but its better if I just show you and you choose to listen to it or not. That’s the freedom we all share.

Tomorrow Never Knows – Nameless Bullets



Now this band I listen to since many years. And not only because they are from my Home Country Slovakia. Sometimes I like to listen To Dark or Symphonic metal or melodies or whatever you want to call it. Still my favorite songs remain Dark Erotica and Shadows & Dust. But in light that they have a new album out: The 7th Queen Enthroned. Here listen to it and if you like it listen some more!



From the cold of Finland comes this beauty of Melodic and Symphonic Death Metal. The new album that was accounted back in 2006 and took till 2012 to be released named TIME I. You know what they say, what takes long time to do or get is always worth the wait!



Coming to you from the UK! To conclude this list something from England had to be here. You know the country that spat out many great Metal bands. And this bands new album MONOLITH! Which was also released in 2012 is a great way to end this list. So listen up, Horns up and lets headbang a little while!


Thanks and Enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich

Best of 2012

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2012-So-Far2012 Is finally at an end. The World didn’t end 4 days after my 22nd birthday. We are all still here and kicking. 2012 thou was a harsh and hard year for everybody. But in a way to both honor and wish farewell to 2012, we made a list of our most favorite songs released this year. From albums made this year, or even albums that I managed to get only this year. Anyways here are the best 12 Tracks that got released in these 12 months of 2012. There is no real chronological order so I just wrote them as they came. So all of these tracks are in my heart, they are great and hopefully you are still enjoying them!

12 – Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline – Trip the Darkness

11 – Lamb Of God – Resolution – Ghost Walking

10 – Caliban – I am Nemesis – Sonne (Cover)

9 – Wykked Wytch – The Ultimate Deception – Fade to Black (Cover)

8 – Epica – Requiem for the Indifferent – Deep water Horizon

7 – Cannibal Corpse – Torture – Scourge of Iron

6 – Job for a Cowboy – Demonocracy – Children of Deceit

5 – Six Feet Under – Undead – Molest Dead

4 – Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu – The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh

3 – Ex Deo – Caligvla – I,Caligvla

2 – Cradle of Filth – The Manticore and Other Horrors – Death, The Great Adventure

1 – Machine Head – Unto the Locust – I Am Hell

Now I know that Unto The Locust was released September 2011, however I only got hold of it start of 2012 and believe me till now I am listening to the tracks even on my phone. How is that for an Impressive album?

Thanks and Enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich


Cannot believe is that time of the month again, when this month is coming to an End, so just like last month we gonna put up 3 top videos and prepare the top 3 for 5th of December.

If you missed us, well there are some changes coming in, and loads of stuff being handled and prepared so our hands were tide. But we are still here and ready to unleash some craziness again.


While both preparing some more cool stuff for here and elsewhere we try to be in touch as much as humanly possible. So apologies to the people who missed our posts and much much more.

Anyways its time to stop typing and time to start watching, our top 3 pics on videos this time is some of the new cool Metal videos. So enjoy while we prepare other amazing stuff for you!

PS: we hate the Youtube commercials too so skip them!

The first video we have for you is Machine Head – Darkness Within (Get the new LIVE DVD its fucking brilliant!)

The next video is Ex Deo – Per Oculus Aquila

And this video is a bit older but amazingly great. Infected Rain – Judgemental Trap

As mentioned earlier we are still preparing new stuff for you so be patient and for now enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich

Now we know that advertising is not that hard, and we showed you before some marking ideas that literally throw marking out the window. Here are some commercials that totally forget about what the product is, and try to in silly ways include metal bands & genre into them. For general public, well they would stop watching probably after first 5 seconds. The great way to do is how Honda did it in 2011 using Judas Priest Music. However these fail completely and hilariously!


This commercial can be split in two parts, the 2nd part where the guy actually blows fire balls and later swallows fire on the show. And than eats a KFC meal that is hotter than the trick he just pulled. This is the part that makes clear sence and works well. However the first part of the commercial is a really brutal display of Black Metal and a concert. Which well can literally frighten people. Not to mention that the General public that eat in KFC are not metal heads! Unfortunately

KFC is hotter than actual Fire

Arabic MTV

MTV does a great job for alot of channels, althou mostly these days its more shows and commercial music. But this commercial for MTV Arabic, or MTV Arabia these days know. Well will not help that much. Not only is the Arabic culture not fully happy about metal, as know widely. It adds a funny twist to the general commercial. But that is it! Does not add much to MTV reputation in Arabic countries.

Stage dive hurts us the most

Coop Prix

So we all know Norway, loves metal, especially Black metal! It spawned so many famous artists and keeps on kicking. However you will never know that this is actually a commercial for Coop Prix discount stores! Metal heads ran out of food, one guy sends his budies to get some more supplies. HE dresses pretty in pink and its well ridiculous!
Does it make any sence or has any connection to Coop Prix? The general public is rather more afriad of Metal Heads than happy. Remember, church burnings?

With nothing to eat, one guy sends his to friends to shop. Than he shows his true fashion color!


Producer comes into the hotel room of our black metal band. They like golf. HE says that it does not meat their brutal style. He cant sell them if the fans do not believe they are only capable of hate. They only know hate and that he will ship their golf clubs with fedex next time. Fedex really went funny on this one. Yes they try to add a Human rouch to Metal bands. But connecting it with fedex? Absurd

We love golf

History Channel

Summary, American Death Metal band SUFFOCATION is busting it out. While two janitors try to talk about them. Next thing you know, one of the guys says that they have their roots in the Dark Ages and boom. its History Channel commercial about the fucking Dark Ages! What have the dark Ages to do with Modern Death Metal?
Plus Soffucation are an American Death Metal band, and the Dark Ages were for most part in Europe? No connection really!

Epic, but pointless


When Rome fell, this network of trade and commerce collapsed and the European World was set into chaos. It took seven hundred years of wars, plague, and poverty before the continent came out of it and was moved into the Renaissance.
The only connection might be the lyrics, but firstly you hardly hear any lyrics and you would have to be a fan to know what they actually sing about!


Me, Myself, and ISUFFOCATION was initially founded as SOCIAL DISEASE during 1986. The band debuted with the 3 track demo tape Reincremation during July 1990.SUFFOCATIONs inaugural EP release Human Waste emerged in May 1991,

Toyota get int touch with your dark side. Fits more to starwars. Especially when you take an example on this commercial. This cool heavy metal guy reads lyrics out load. That may be disturbing to alot of people. And you have no idea that it is something about toyota until the last 2 seconds. Flies with metalheads. What about the general public? The will run in fear!


Political Campaign Ad

Remember our pitch about the most disturbing Campaign Ads from Poland, well this Campaign ad is all about metal. Even thou metalheads would love him. I do not believe the general public will. But he tried so he gets points for that.

He has a voice of the dark angel!

My goal is freedom and enough of stupid wars (simple translation of some stuff he says)