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Route 66



So how is February treating you all? Everyone getting ready for valentine yet? Anyways now I wanted to take the chance finally to write something about Music. I know you have been waiting for this. Anyways since I’m doing a ton of stuff and barely catch up with the music news I’m a bit slow on some things. So finally I got to listen to some music I was either recommended or found and wanted to share some of these things with you. Some of you may know these, some of you may not. So this will be a bit for everyone.




Tomorrow Never Knows:

First new thing I heard this time around was this band from Germany. I could talk round and round about this or that but its better if I just show you and you choose to listen to it or not. That’s the freedom we all share.

Tomorrow Never Knows – Nameless Bullets



Now this band I listen to since many years. And not only because they are from my Home Country Slovakia. Sometimes I like to listen To Dark or Symphonic metal or melodies or whatever you want to call it. Still my favorite songs remain Dark Erotica and Shadows & Dust. But in light that they have a new album out: The 7th Queen Enthroned. Here listen to it and if you like it listen some more!



From the cold of Finland comes this beauty of Melodic and Symphonic Death Metal. The new album that was accounted back in 2006 and took till 2012 to be released named TIME I. You know what they say, what takes long time to do or get is always worth the wait!



Coming to you from the UK! To conclude this list something from England had to be here. You know the country that spat out many great Metal bands. And this bands new album MONOLITH! Which was also released in 2012 is a great way to end this list. So listen up, Horns up and lets headbang a little while!


Thanks and Enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich

Best of 2012

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2012-So-Far2012 Is finally at an end. The World didn’t end 4 days after my 22nd birthday. We are all still here and kicking. 2012 thou was a harsh and hard year for everybody. But in a way to both honor and wish farewell to 2012, we made a list of our most favorite songs released this year. From albums made this year, or even albums that I managed to get only this year. Anyways here are the best 12 Tracks that got released in these 12 months of 2012. There is no real chronological order so I just wrote them as they came. So all of these tracks are in my heart, they are great and hopefully you are still enjoying them!

12 – Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline – Trip the Darkness

11 – Lamb Of God – Resolution – Ghost Walking

10 – Caliban – I am Nemesis – Sonne (Cover)

9 – Wykked Wytch – The Ultimate Deception – Fade to Black (Cover)

8 – Epica – Requiem for the Indifferent – Deep water Horizon

7 – Cannibal Corpse – Torture – Scourge of Iron

6 – Job for a Cowboy – Demonocracy – Children of Deceit

5 – Six Feet Under – Undead – Molest Dead

4 – Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu – The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh

3 – Ex Deo – Caligvla – I,Caligvla

2 – Cradle of Filth – The Manticore and Other Horrors – Death, The Great Adventure

1 – Machine Head – Unto the Locust – I Am Hell

Now I know that Unto The Locust was released September 2011, however I only got hold of it start of 2012 and believe me till now I am listening to the tracks even on my phone. How is that for an Impressive album?

Thanks and Enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich

Lucky number 3

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Today marks you can call it a mini anniversary but still it’s a great day here for us and all is well

Today also marks our blogs and everything associated with them running for 3 weeks, and in these 3 weeks I believe we have done great progress and had a great start. Clap for yourself all who made this possible.

Just a note, at the end of (our) working month which is 5th of November, a new post will be made for the 3 in these following 3 Categories! 3 Countries that mostly viewed us! (This might differ from blog to blog)




3 Most read posts and 3 greatest articles we read on the internet!

And yes my lucky number is 3 so, no questions : )

Right now what I decided to share with you, are our 3 most favorite videos on Youtube!

So enjoy and share:

This video basically rocks, I will not spoil the fun (even thou you might know it) but it’s epic and most memorable moment is LETS OPEN UP THIS PIT!

Next on the line, is the cool and also funny video, I will just call it, not your usual FARMER

Last but not least one video I found by accident, after I heard the song on the radio and just loved the combination made to this video. Let’s keep it simple and go with HALO (not the one from Beyonce!)

So thanks to all our fans, sponsors and supporters. Enjoy this post and share it for the masses

Oh and to quote the great words from ARCH ENEMY!


“There will be dead silence and then a new beginning

Let the cult of chaos reign

There are many ways to die

But only one way to live

Let the cult of chaos reign

Be as free as you can be”


Thank you

Robert C. Friedrich



We need YOU! We need Sponsors! Labels, Bands, Fans, All of you!

Internet is big these days, so we decided to use it! We want to launch a huge METAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN! NOW!

As all things in life it needs funding! Jobs suck, democracy sucks, other Nations struggling! We all know this!




Now here is what we want to do! We live in Hurghada, by the Red Sea, 2nd Biggest Touristic City on the Red Sea, A place where Millions of People travel to their Holidays, and where a lot of Metal heads, are hiding, now wanting to confront their METAL ways on the streets! Well WE SAY LETS BRING IT OUT!

Like fans and Sponsors do in Wacken for example, or anywhere else! We need to print T-shirts, new bands, fan based pages, online websites cool metal logos the whole 9 YARDS!

We will print it all, write about it on our blogs, and post it on our social networks. We are going to make METAL know even more!

So what we do we print T-shirts, with logos etc. Wear them, picture it, post it, share it, we also give away T-shirts, to Tourists or Locals, who we take pictures of Wearing it! We create and Understanding, especially for new bands that are cool and out there, and need a push!

The same with posters, we post them (ON Palms) yeah we got those, picture them etc.

Video promotions, Commercials, VIRAL all will go VIRAL! For any band, Big or SMALL, any Label, Any Fan Fage!

We need sponsors!

We have witnessed here a change already, a Small number of Rock or Hard rock Cover shows play here, where all bands start! WE need to bring it bigger, I mean if you would live here, you want shows also here, we do not get them! But we can still push on to try to get them if not their way, than our way!

That’s why we need sponsors! We start slowly and work our self’s up!

We will post cool stuff, reviews, band pages, label pages, pictures of us and tourists wearing metal and more!

We may be different, but we all are under one Sign! Of Metal, Of Freedom!

Ex Deo 2012

Ex Deo , Many thought that this was a one-off project by Kataklysm!

Back in 2009 Ex Deo’s debut “Romulus” took the Metal world by storm and me by total surprise

I’m listening to Kataklysm since about eight years running and EX DEO has become a favorite also!

Ex Deo took off like a rocket and showed Death Metal in new epic heights! And gave birth to Roman Metal!



Where “Romulus” was epic, “Caligvla” is taking this adjective to a new level, it is the soundtrack that would be perfect for any new movie about one of Rome’s, nay, one of the world’s most extravagant emperors. Iacono did not sacrifice the intensity and heaviness of the debut, oh no, he took it and expanded on it to arrive at a monumental scale combining the slow and churning Death Metal of the debut with cinematic grandeur in the arrangements, the keyboards, more majesty, more vocal variety (Iacono delivers growls, screams, a harsh spoken word command, while we also get some guest vocals by TRISTANIA’s Mariangela Demurtas and some more growls by SEPTIC FLESH’s Seth Siro Anton) and overall also musically more variety. So basically, if you wanted to condense “Caligvla” to one word, it would probably be “earth-shattering” if it would be one word!

And this grandeur makes it hard for me to really pick out single tracks, since they all have their own characteristic strengths, be it the martial expressiveness of opener and quasi-title track “I, Caligvla”, or the pure epicness of “Per Oculus Aquila”, they are just…well…BIG, with the perfect production to underline the power of the subject that translates into the music as well, clear, warm, powerful, but not overproduced, guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais did an outstanding job with this one. And Iacono – he puts in a performance that brings Caligula to life, just listen to the title track and his opening bellow of “On this glorious day, I declare Gaius Augustus Germanicus Emperor of Rome!” If they ever make that movie, they don’t have to find an actor, just take Iacono and he will give this character a haunting strength and depth that would be hard to match (and they’d have the soundtrack to go with it built in already).

All in all Ex Deo Deliveres great MUSIC and will hopefully become an instant Classic one day

Buy the Album yourself and Let me know which track on the album is your favorite!

Ex Deo’s Myspace page:

I,Caligvla (the EPIC Video)

The first official post here, and it’s going to be a music Review!

I Dedicate it to my friends Lena & Vidick

Infected Rain – Asylum (2011)

The first album from the band from Moldova

Featuring new songs and some of the older songs re-masterd and edited. I personally have also both their Ep’s from 2008 and 2009 and I just like to listen the hell out of this Album. Both the new songs and new videos made for these have been made with great effort. Especially for a band that might not be so known, but trust me when I say this, so far they are making an Impact, and are growing their fan-base!

Now i have heard and read a lot of categorizing among the people to what is Death metal, what is black metal and so on, yes they all have some traits that differ them from the rest. But in the end its music people love and plain and simply METAL.

These guys especially manage to add a lot of diff things into one and make it work.

There first video for the song “NO IDOLS” Like the song and Video, it was a Smash hit when I heard it, and while all people have different tastes. 7 Billion People to be exact; there surely are people that agree with me! The re-mastered version of the song is also cool, but personally I play also the old stuff (which most of it was given to me by the band itself!)

When “Judgemental Trap” came out with its debut video, I was speechless, still am in fact when I watch it till now!

And now with the “Asylum” Album, more new smash hits literally punch me in the face!

One of them being “AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE” or “ME AGAINST YOU” both of which have videos on Youtube.

Here is At the Bottom of the Bottle!

And the best thing is (once you watch it and Enjoy it) it might help you stop drinking even:) Im Sober for 3 years plus now running, haven’t drank a single drop

To sum it all up The Album, The Songs and Especially the BAND is something, I do not believe should be missed among the Community!

Now if you excuse me, Among Writing Reviews for whoever might care, and working hard. My break is coming up!

Time for some Infected Rain!!

Robert C. Friedrich