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Finally, after long time of waiting and talking about it already in my Black Ops 1 Videos it has arrived to me. Even if with a slight delay it was a great Valentine time to shoot some xenomorphs. Now the internet is swarming with many and I mean many fucking bad reviews how people hate this game and shit like this. Even with the highest sales in the UK. And even after talking to people proved even more that every one of us is so different it is hard to find something to satisfy everyone.


So let’s get in touch a bit with the inner Alien before my videos get uploaded for all of you. The game features 11 levels in featured environments from the original 1986 Aliens movie by James Cameron and counts as a sequel to both Aliens and Alien 3. Places such as the Sulaco, LV – 426 on which you can breathe normally with what remains of Hadley’s Hope colony with environments straight from the movie. Such as the sewer where Newt was taken and of course the all time wanted Derelict spacecraft with the Space Jockey (Engineer) long cold and dead. So the game obviously features Known xenomorphs and some new ones. As well as direct combat with armed soldiers. Which prove even more the conspiracy shit going on in the Aliens Universe.


So for a diehard fan of Aliens such as myself, this was a Journey of sweet memory and sweet guns blazing.  And a lot of trash talk which we remember so much from the movies! I enjoyed the game ever since I got control of it and held a pulse rifle yet again my virtual hands! But I never really understood what the real problem is for people from this game. The AI maybe not very useful from your teammates, but honestly I never gave a fuck. As the good old saying goes, you want something done right you do it yourself. Thus even if I may have wished for help or support, I played it as if I’m alone. The game did take a strange turn of events at a part where they rewrote a bit of Alien 3 and changed the story setting. But as we have seen many times over, a ton of games do that. So why bother. The graphics are cool, the game itself is solid. It may take a time to get used to and it’s a bit funny at times if you think about how the Aliens pounce. But you know they are not human. Their the enemy that wants to eat you alive or melt you into human pile of goo!


The fall of Sephora might have been a bit more, well explosive, but whatever. The experience for me was quiet fun and enjoyable. It may not be one of the best games out there. But it sure packs a punch and looks great. And once you get used to some things it’s a run for the kill! And killing a ton of Warriors and other new Aliens I found it entertaining. Thus still making it a good game in my opinion. Especially if you are an Alien fan as I am. So even with its up and downs it’s great. I kind of realized that a lot of Aliens vs Predator games or Alien based game get bad reviews for no apparent reason. Guess the not Alien fan base do not get the games or something.


If this is unclear still for you weather to play it or not, just follow me on Facebook or YouTube where I upload the videos and you can watch it, ignore my quotes or comments if you may. But in my opinion get it if you want to try it. Every game needs to get used to and this is no exception. I am glad to have the opportunity to return to my favorite universe and unleash Winter’s rage upon the Xenomorphs!


I will upload the videos shortly. However if you want a tiny really small peek into some parts of the first level, well then just watch my gameplay mix video made to Entertain. Just because its fun!

Link for the video:

Thanks to everyone for your support

Robert C. Friedrich


The Manticore and Other Horrors

Is the title of the upcoming tenth studio album from the English Metal band CRADLE OF FILTH

set to be released on October 29 in Europe and on October 30 in USA in 2012!

Track List:

01 The Unveiling of O

02 The Abhorrent

03 For Your Vulgar Delectation

04 Illicitus

05 Manticore

06 Frost On Her Pillow

07 Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair

08 Pallid Reflection

09 Siding With the Titans

10 Succumb to This

11 Nightmares of an Ether Drinker

12 Death, The Great Adventure

13 Sinfonia

And here is the Review:

First things first, COF was one of the first metal bands I got into metal in the first place, and still the most loved albums from them for me especially are: Dusk…and her Embrace, Cruelty and the Beast and Midian!

The new stuff has been criticized a lot, and from their last album, well I heard it once and never spoke of it again!

So I was both skeptical and excited going into “The Manticore and Other Horrors

Typical as always with COF is the Intro, this one sounded a bit as a mix of the old days of Dusk… with Midian.

And then literally the Thrashing began, the next two tracks were power and more power, but again Dani’s vocals remain similar to Thornography and after time, I miss the old screeching. Still pretty powerful and fast simply extreme!

Than “Illicitus” came and it got a bit better, kind of a heavy mix as always but also felt Damnation album influence in it. So it started to get interesting.

It’s hard to sum up how this album feels,  Its extreme sure, but old Cradle of Filth might not get the same kicks as we did before, moving with the times, this album is surely better than Darkly, darkly…album from 2011

Song “Manticore” felt a bit darker already, not from the vocals thou, but it had its moments, and once it reaches 3 minutes plus the beat is pretty good and feels pretty solid! Again influence of Thornography can be felt! Similar to the song “tonight in flames”.

The orchestra in the back feels at times kind of influenced by something similar to Midian

It’s hard to grasp what emotions come out of this album, especially with other people feeling differently probably then me. This album happens to be pretty heavy, fast, and merciless. If you enjoy New COF than this is for sure for you! For the older fans, you have to judge yourself!

My favorite songs from this album happen to be “Frost on her Pillow”, “Pallid Reflection” and “Death, The Great Adventure” this track especially felt a bit like nostalgia, a bit!

Should you buy this Album? Well YES and NO, The hardcore fans of COF’s past will not be satisfied as much as they might hope. While fans of New COF, especially if you follow them since: Thornography, than you will enjoy this album. And if you enjoy both sides of COF new or OLD, than I bet you will find something about this album that you will like. But I must admit its way better than the album that came before it!

This review made me feel nostalgic a bit now so Ill finish this review and will go to play for old time sakes MALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS!!!

So buy this album if you believe this is your cup of tea! And we shall see what the future holds!

COF Fans also consider if you are not yet to follow Dani on his official page

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich

The first official post here, and it’s going to be a music Review!

I Dedicate it to my friends Lena & Vidick

Infected Rain – Asylum (2011)

The first album from the band from Moldova

Featuring new songs and some of the older songs re-masterd and edited. I personally have also both their Ep’s from 2008 and 2009 and I just like to listen the hell out of this Album. Both the new songs and new videos made for these have been made with great effort. Especially for a band that might not be so known, but trust me when I say this, so far they are making an Impact, and are growing their fan-base!

Now i have heard and read a lot of categorizing among the people to what is Death metal, what is black metal and so on, yes they all have some traits that differ them from the rest. But in the end its music people love and plain and simply METAL.

These guys especially manage to add a lot of diff things into one and make it work.

There first video for the song “NO IDOLS” Like the song and Video, it was a Smash hit when I heard it, and while all people have different tastes. 7 Billion People to be exact; there surely are people that agree with me! The re-mastered version of the song is also cool, but personally I play also the old stuff (which most of it was given to me by the band itself!)

When “Judgemental Trap” came out with its debut video, I was speechless, still am in fact when I watch it till now!

And now with the “Asylum” Album, more new smash hits literally punch me in the face!

One of them being “AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE” or “ME AGAINST YOU” both of which have videos on Youtube.

Here is At the Bottom of the Bottle!

And the best thing is (once you watch it and Enjoy it) it might help you stop drinking even:) Im Sober for 3 years plus now running, haven’t drank a single drop

To sum it all up The Album, The Songs and Especially the BAND is something, I do not believe should be missed among the Community!

Now if you excuse me, Among Writing Reviews for whoever might care, and working hard. My break is coming up!

Time for some Infected Rain!!

Robert C. Friedrich