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164219_552348794796251_1741288770_nHello everyone, here is a short update so that everyone is in the loop. First things first, thank you all for your support! It’s been an amazing run so far! And it’s only going get bigger! Besides my freelance writing, book writing and other fun shit I do. There is an update on some events. First I finally am returning to the Tomb Raider franchise after so many years. Second I’m going to record all my gaming/walkthrough footage and this will be uploaded and online on a different channel then mine. Namely the GAMERS GANG channel! I will post all the important links below. My channel will remain online and there I will upload other stuff as well. Like now for example I’m uploading as well DOOM 3 BFG EDITION, THE LOST MISSION. All 8 missions, in 8 videos!


So let’s get to the links:

First my personal FB, you can reach my page and or twitter simply by going here to the section above CONTACT US.

Otherwise just find me here:


Gamers Gang:

This is the channel where my videos will be online

And for news simply go here:


I’m known as RobAE here not to get confused 😀


And also I admin this new but great page so some of my news might end up here! (~RobAE)


And finally once more my own channel where at this point you can find:

Call of Duty: Black Ops PC

Dead Space 3 PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines PC

Dead Space 3: Awakened

And as I mentioned I’m uploading

Doom 3 BFG The Lost Missions


All and more you can simply find here:–yA?feature=mhee

It’s simple and easy to navigate, and videos are online! \m/


Thank you for all your support and look me up anywhere you wish!

Robert C. Friedrich


topstoriesFirst month of 2013 is over and its that time again to see our 3 categories how they did this time on the blog and internet. For the people new here. We are doing the top 3 in 3 categories. Top 3 Countries that viewed this blog during the month (if you used a proxy or ip address changer you helped a different country score points). 3 Most read posts on the blog and 3 top articles or news I have read during this month or just recently.

So lets strap in and enjoy this poll!




3rd Place goes this month to: Italy and Canada (Now that is a surprise, they both have the same amount of views so congratz)

2nd Place goes to: Peru! (Now this is a surprise)

1st Place: How else could it be, USA wins this one again 🙂


Now we move on to posts

3rd place ranked this month is: Best of 2012!

2nd Place: Online, No one can hear you scream!

Shocking surprises to that one!

1st Place winner: Biggest surprise – THE BAY (2012)


And Finally the top 3 things I have read online:

3rd Place was hard to decided : Well for this one we have two cause I could not decide!

Its both this news about Jennifer Lawrence doctor situation:

If she would have come here about a 100 Doctors would line up to do her a breast exam just in case. Even without the experience and still charge her for that!

or the USA Jets will be armed with High powered lasers!


2nd place goes to: AMON AMARTH preparing a new album for 2013 (HUA)


1st place had to be this, was the funniest shit I read!

Most Bizarre shit from Space by Cracked writers!

Anyways hope you enjoyed this. I’m putting together one more post which may show up either today or tomorrow.

Keep it up guys!

Oh and nearly forgot Today we celebrate that this blog has been viewed officially 1000 Fucking times!

Thanks to everyone

Robert C. Friedrich