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yes YOU!Welcome back to some more cool shit! Was actually thinking of posting this yesterday already, but I rather enjoyed the company of someone really special to me. As it is with this place here, I post generally anything that interests me. I write about things that I enjoy and for the people who enjoy it as well. So a great thanks to all my supporters thus far and lets kick some more ass shall we? Hell Yeah!

Today’s post is all about some great new shit I got to listen to and I thank all who helped me get in touch with this! Now let’s spread the word further!


Carnal Blasphemy

Some Brutal Death Metal coming to you all the way from Colombia! Formed in 2005 these amazing guys have self released 2 EP’s already and I heard some news regarding of some more great stuff from these guys should be coming this year! This is for all the people who love them some great Death Metal. Especially if you listen to other bands such as Cattle Decapitation or Dying Fetus!

Your Suffering is My Pleasure!

These days everyone is on Facebook so find these guys, listen to their shit online and buy their amazing EP’s!


Infected Rain

Dear friends and always fun and great people. Infected rain has been climbing up and higher ever since they formed, 2 EP’s, a great full album and whispers of amazing shit being prepared. This is some of the best nu metal/female fronted band out there so make sure you check this shit out! And since yesterday was the day of all women, they released their new video “STOP WAITING” which is also their new single! Once you listen to some of this great shit, you just can’t get enough!

Find everything you will want to see right here:


Thy Art is Murder

Coming from Australia all the way to blast some amazing Deathcore in your face! Formed as well in 2005 and part of the Nuclear Blast label! When it’s Nuclear it’s always a fucking blast! I had the chance to listen some of their great new shit and their album HATE is an absolute master fucking piece! I love the whole thing and can listen to it over and over again but if I had to pick one song to listen to a ton it will always be SHADOW OF ETERNAL SIN. Pre-order that shit and get the rest of their things, I know you want to!


I enjoy all 3 of these, among many others and my only difficulty sometimes is which one to listen to first. If I could I play it all at the same time and let my brain explode!

Since you reached this part of the article, you better have clicked everywhere and listened to everything. If you haven’t DO IT FUCKING NOW!

And as always have a great time.


Robert C. Friedrich