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Today’s topic will be Hurghada once more, I got the opportunity to help out a friend so why not.

Anyways Golden 5 City, managed by Princess Egypt Hotels had a special Guest and Event yesterday night. The Ukrainian singer Matias came to give a live performance for all guests etc.

Back at home they call him the Ukrainian Michael Jackson, hopefully only by the sense of singing thou!

Anyways I got to be backstage and front-stage and record this event. The cameras given were not something special, but it was the best they had since the big cameras were occupied! So I apologize directly now to you who will complain about quality! Sometimes you have what you have!

Below I’m going to share the links to both the videos and pictures links where these are being uploaded Hope you will enjoy it (IF you didn’t realize it yet the concert was not Metal – Just a Heads-up).

To find out more information regarding the hotel thou simply go to:

And now the links!

Main mix video (nothing too fancy with special effects etc, but the intro fell in perfectly)

And here are the links to the LIVE Videos!

Link for the photo album is below:

Official Facebook page of Golden 5 Cty

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich