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Now we know that advertising is not that hard, and we showed you before some marking ideas that literally throw marking out the window. Here are some commercials that totally forget about what the product is, and try to in silly ways include metal bands & genre into them. For general public, well they would stop watching probably after first 5 seconds. The great way to do is how Honda did it in 2011 using Judas Priest Music. However these fail completely and hilariously!


This commercial can be split in two parts, the 2nd part where the guy actually blows fire balls and later swallows fire on the show. And than eats a KFC meal that is hotter than the trick he just pulled. This is the part that makes clear sence and works well. However the first part of the commercial is a really brutal display of Black Metal and a concert. Which well can literally frighten people. Not to mention that the General public that eat in KFC are not metal heads! Unfortunately

KFC is hotter than actual Fire

Arabic MTV

MTV does a great job for alot of channels, althou mostly these days its more shows and commercial music. But this commercial for MTV Arabic, or MTV Arabia these days know. Well will not help that much. Not only is the Arabic culture not fully happy about metal, as know widely. It adds a funny twist to the general commercial. But that is it! Does not add much to MTV reputation in Arabic countries.

Stage dive hurts us the most

Coop Prix

So we all know Norway, loves metal, especially Black metal! It spawned so many famous artists and keeps on kicking. However you will never know that this is actually a commercial for Coop Prix discount stores! Metal heads ran out of food, one guy sends his budies to get some more supplies. HE dresses pretty in pink and its well ridiculous!
Does it make any sence or has any connection to Coop Prix? The general public is rather more afriad of Metal Heads than happy. Remember, church burnings?

With nothing to eat, one guy sends his to friends to shop. Than he shows his true fashion color!


Producer comes into the hotel room of our black metal band. They like golf. HE says that it does not meat their brutal style. He cant sell them if the fans do not believe they are only capable of hate. They only know hate and that he will ship their golf clubs with fedex next time. Fedex really went funny on this one. Yes they try to add a Human rouch to Metal bands. But connecting it with fedex? Absurd

We love golf

History Channel

Summary, American Death Metal band SUFFOCATION is busting it out. While two janitors try to talk about them. Next thing you know, one of the guys says that they have their roots in the Dark Ages and boom. its History Channel commercial about the fucking Dark Ages! What have the dark Ages to do with Modern Death Metal?
Plus Soffucation are an American Death Metal band, and the Dark Ages were for most part in Europe? No connection really!

Epic, but pointless


When Rome fell, this network of trade and commerce collapsed and the European World was set into chaos. It took seven hundred years of wars, plague, and poverty before the continent came out of it and was moved into the Renaissance.
The only connection might be the lyrics, but firstly you hardly hear any lyrics and you would have to be a fan to know what they actually sing about!


Me, Myself, and ISUFFOCATION was initially founded as SOCIAL DISEASE during 1986. The band debuted with the 3 track demo tape Reincremation during July 1990.SUFFOCATIONs inaugural EP release Human Waste emerged in May 1991,

Toyota get int touch with your dark side. Fits more to starwars. Especially when you take an example on this commercial. This cool heavy metal guy reads lyrics out load. That may be disturbing to alot of people. And you have no idea that it is something about toyota until the last 2 seconds. Flies with metalheads. What about the general public? The will run in fear!


Political Campaign Ad

Remember our pitch about the most disturbing Campaign Ads from Poland, well this Campaign ad is all about metal. Even thou metalheads would love him. I do not believe the general public will. But he tried so he gets points for that.

He has a voice of the dark angel!

My goal is freedom and enough of stupid wars (simple translation of some stuff he says)


Since we are preparing a different post on a video shoot behind the scenes. Which takes a lot of our time. To not keep you too hungry, here are some more of our favorite youtube related videos. So Enjoy

Nylithia’s Cover of SUPER MARIO CASTLE THEME ( its just epic )

Black Metal Babysitting!

Probably the youngest Lamb Of God Fan!

Death Metal Rooster and Headbanging Cockatoo
(this gets us every time)
Still the most brutal drummer ever!

So please, patience and enjoy!

This is a story of a Friend, I’m gonna call MIKE now. And how suppose copyright rules literally bit him in the ass!

In any case we all know copyright rules from back to front etc so this part I do not need to Explain!

So Mike, as a teenager, with a crappy pc, and a lot of time on his hands, was listening and watching a lot of cool Music, such as metal! The time was around 2006 Youtube was not and didn’t need Gmail accounts to use! Or to Log into!


So and my friend Mike, using all legal programs he could get his hands on from  a slow internet connection based on his dial-up modem! Was trying out some movie making programs, like Windows Movie maker or Inter video WINDVD Creator!

He took his favorite song, mi it with some clips from commercials, other videos, movies etc. Like people do normally in their spare time and all social media is full of it! Especially Youtube!

In any case he got kind of good at it, made some stupid videos, which he later erased, and then made some Tribute videos, you know Mix of Anime with cool music or just video mix of cool music. Again as everywhere!

So he did a lot of videos, but only 4 were well very cool. And he thought he will upload them on Youtube! Not asking for money or anything, just for the fun, maybe some of the bands will like his work!

And even if not at least some people will watch and say whatever they think!

The four videos published were

Slipknot – Left behind (fan based, mix Compilation of live and actual Slipknot videos)

Slipknot – My Plague (fan based, mix Compilation of live and actual Slipknot videos)

Chimaira – Nothing Remains (fan based video this time mixed with the Manga YU-GI-OH)

Mushroomhead – Solitaire Unraveling (mixed that song which he recorded from a tape player with some computer game videos he played or wanted to play)

He uploaded them, people watched and reacted! The slipknot videos were loved, they got something like 6000 Views in a month or 2 (metal based videos tribute, maybe does not seem like much, but it was much)

Chimaira video was loved to, got many views; even people that were fans of the band and not to big fans of Yu-Gi-Oh gave respect and liked it!

Mushroomhead video also got liked, people respecting the maker. All was basically great, he made some more which never got to be uploaded

Now these videos I even have on my Hard Drive, a Hard Drive now frozen since its slowly dying, so to preserve it its totally unused and preserved!

Back to the topic, he never uploaded more videos, he kind of lost track with a lot of moving, and a lot of changes that happened in his life!

Few years later, he checks back, and most of his Videos are gone! Youtube was doing some weird changes!

And his videos were banned for supposedly Copyright shit and bla bla bla! Now only the Mushroomhead Video has survived this, and is still there, even thou the account cannot be accessed in any way!

And once I get my hands on the files from hard drive I will upload them on our pages of FB etc!

But the funny thing about the copyright, supposedly the bands themselves removed it or something.

That is how much I remember when he showed it to me. I do not believe Slipknot and Chimaira would remove a fan based video which only promotes their coolness and asks for nothing in return!

He may have still a weird nickname stuck on that profile from his old WOW days, which btw he did manage to stop playing! He turned his back and said NO!

Here is the link to the last video surviving on Youtube!

6 Years and 2000 views? I think we can do better than that!

In any case keep checking our Facebook page, for uploads of this video and the remaining 3 and hopefully a bonus video never published before J

Thank you & Enjoy

Robert C.Friedrich