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Here we are again, as every time at the end of a Month we post top 3 Videos or Channels from youtube, that we found or saw or just plain and simply missed in this month and had to see and hear again.

Last month this post was all about games. This month we are mixing shit up and everyone will find what they like. So let’s make this one short and painless!

Number 3 –This must be the funniest shirt I have ever seen on TV. WWE Raw Rock Concert. The best part about this concert is this amazing and fucking funny Cover. Wonderful tonight from Eric Clapton covered by The Rock and specially rewritten just for her. Isn’t that Sweet? Trust me it’s the best song I have ever heard!

Number 2 – Goes out to this amazing Easter egg from Black Ops 2. The concert at the end of the game is Epic, cool and funny. Especially if you played the series and understand the characters. Epic shit!

Just so you know its Avenged Sevenfold – Carry On

Number 1 – This was a hard cookie to crunch. But it goes out to the most played song of January 2013


See you all in February!

Robert C. Friedrich


January 2013 is at an end. Hope everyone enjoyed it. First things first, the news: Black Ops 1 final 7 videos will be uploaded these days. Medal of Honor 2010 Is Recorded, just need to edit it into manageable length and size and it will be uploaded 2. After a long time and tons of blood and sweat Black Ops 2 finally arrived. Is working great and will record and upload these videos also soon. Besides that by the end of February should also be finished and uploaded Dead Space 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. Waiting for the online release. These however I will probably both get and record from Cairo where I’ll be for a few days in middle of February.


Anyways let’s get to the point of Today – Ridiculous Hurghada 2013 and no I’m not gonna talk about that brick coach they made in front of my building. But Hurghada is well known for one thing with me and that is either ridiculous shop names. Horrible spelling and mostly when they just write the name in either Arabic or Russian which makes it useless for everyone else to figure out what the fuck.

And in Hurghada we have many fine examples. I’ll list a few for you.  We had a shop here called ‘STEVE JOBS FOR T-SHIRT’ written in gold with golden Apple logos. Best quality T-shirt from China you can find in Egypt. Just ridiculous shit, or my Favorite  ‘Casper’ shop for Cloths. With the original Casper the ghost logo. Since ages there is a Jewel here who named his shop ‘VOX’ With the logo of The Swiss/German Channel VOX. Even used the logo of it. Or the truck with sweets using the original C2 logo from the company that made Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Or something like that.

But the one, the one this article is actually about is the most ridiculous shit I have seen in 10 Years of being in this land of the sands. It’s so ridiculous I do not have words for it. But I have the picture of it:


Can you see it?

How about a little closer:


Can you see it now? Who in the hell names his shop after a Porn Rating and sticks G & B and other logos there. You think that it’s a porn store? Prostitution?  No it’s a fucking Bazaar that sells the same old lame shit like every other bazaar here. Which we have so many of as my home Country has pubs! I pass by this shit every damn day and every day I wonder. How the fuck is this normal. Plus do not forget we live in Country where Prostitution, porn etc is forbidden! A friend of my got arrested once for giving his girlfriend a kiss on the lips in Public. That was ages ago in Cairo but still. You guys get my point.

That just makes me wonder, what the fuck is next? Someone gonna open a perfume store and name it Dildo because it has a wide search range on Google? Or he is gonna go full out and name it the Egyptian Orgy of Dreams? If this shit ever happens ill never stop laughing till I grow old and die. PS: Yes there are not Sex Shops here!


In any case I’ll keep you posted about more ridiculous shit going!



Robert C. Friedrich



After a seriously long time, it has finally arrived! No I’m not talking about Black Ops 2, since that is still literally fucked up and still am waiting! No, what I’m talking about is that I finally got my hands to finish a little video which I recorded, maybe with a shitty Nokia phone camera, but it’s still  fun! I had the opportunity to follow the crew from while they recorded one of the hotels in Golden 5 City.



If I remember it was Almas Palace. Anyways this vide is a little behind the scenes look at the crew. The Human approach you can call it. Or you can just call it being human. And again I know it’s not that good quality, the good quality videos come from the crew! And yes it was windy and it was a long and hard day for everyone. And hard weeks for them especially!


So anyways enjoy this little video if you can!


You work or own a hotel? Want a great video of it by this company?

Your destination to great hotel videos!


And if you are interested to know more where exactly we were during this video and want to know more about them. Simply go to their official FB page.


You know, if you want to plan a holiday or just are curious!


Anyways enjoy and thanks to everyone!


Robert C. Friedrich

The-Amazing-Spider-ManFirst things first, how is 2013 treating you all? So far so good I Hope.

I believe the new year has started pretty awesome and I’ll do all in my power to make this an awesome year for everyone.

Today I want to talk about the subject of the Sequel to the Amazing Spider-man! I guess most of you have seen it or own it by now. For me i was quiet happy with the new more Human approach to Spider-Man and less immortal savior. Plus having The Lizard in it was an amazing choice I would say.


Now here is as far as we know about the Sequel. One it should continue with Garfield and Stone as main role. 2nd as we see on IMDB there should be a Mary Jane character. Wonder what the hell this will be again all about. Anyways an the main point our new villain will be ELECTRO. Whoever played PS game spiderman 2 or read the original comic books or even the original cartoon will know who I’m talking about. However what is puzzling me is Jamie Foxx involved in this to play him.


Nothing against his acting, just anytime I think of Electro I see this bleach blond douche bag of a dude. Who else has this? Anyways I think Jamie might pull it off with something new, well we shall just wait and see since it will come out in 2014! Another thing I and probably most of you would love to see is Spider-Man’s mutation! In The Original series he continued mutating and became a really creepy spider mutant. I would love to see that! Anyone else dying for some evl Spider-Man mutant menace?


Anyways we shall see how it all develops and we will keep a close eye on things.


Thank you all!


Robert C. Friedrich

AliensColonialMarinesBoxWe promised you a surprise for 2013, you got it. Yesterday after a fierce battle and competition between a two laptops. One i5 Lenovo and i7 HP, we lost the fight for the HP but won the Lenovo.

Yes its a Laptop : Lenovo Ideapad Z580a

Intel i5-3210m processor with 2.5 GZ and boost till 3.1 GZ

4 Gigabyte of RAM DDR3 but we will most probably increase till 8 Gigabyte ones it arrives by the end of this Week

2gb Nvidia dedicated graphic card, not sure but I guess its the 630M

Now to all the gamers, this ain’t the hottest or the strongest thing on the market, but it will handle what it has too. Besides the writing and other stuff, it will have one more task

Because of this budget achievement: We are Expending this blog and adding an Extra page on top of it designated GAMERS LOUNGE. So let me explain to you what we are going to do and what not.


We are gonna do Single Player walkthroughs and record them to be published on our Youtube Channel, with a short post on our blogs with the first part of the video series. If this does well, we upload the rest for all you guys who follow us!

Since we got what we got, we will try to push it to the limit as far as we can. Thus the 8gigabyte ram update. But we also going to do a Nostalgia kind of thing, we are also gonna play and publish older games.

Before we say what games are gonna be tried. We are looking forward to ALIENS : COLONIAL MARINES we want to do this one badly for you. hopefully it will be manageable.

To warm up and to get you guys to join in, and enjoy what we can do, we are also going to do these starting really soon, but remember they can come in any order and its also with Nostalgic games so enjoy:

Remember these are PC Edition’s:

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo 2 (Is Possible if everything goes well)

Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 + 2

Max Payne 3 (This might be hard though)

Wolfenstein 2009

X-Men: Origins – Wolverine 2009

Far Cry 2 ( Probably)

Wanted: Weapons of Fate and Quake 4 only if people will enjoy and want it

Same goes for Area 51

But Black Site: Area 51 I wanna do for sure

And we might go for Crysis 3

Besides all these, I will finally try to finish some older games and catch up with Crysis original games etc.

Will also depend on your requests and how well we do.

So keep an Eye Opened and soon the fun starts

What we are not gonna do:

Performance checks, try to play on Ultra High graphics etc, or play on hardest difficulty! We will try to keep it simple, just playing the game, talking about it, helping you guys, or just remembering past good days. We will try the smoothest game-play so if the game is Smooth on Medium-High graphics its fine with me. Low or Ultra i will not do or post, unless Ultra is flawless too.

I will not do multiplayer, co-op or any online games. Simply because internet connection that I got sucks, its slow and its barely enough for basic typing for you guys or E-mail checks.

Uploads of videos will be done from a different location.

You opinions and advice are always welcome however. Or if you have special requests, just comment or mail them to me!

Consoles or PC upgrades we might do if everything goes well as it should go. So keep them eyes opened and Game on!


Robert C. Friedrich


top_story_stopimageWelcome to 2013 everybody, as I see we all survived and are healthy and fine, as we did for the past few months at the start of the new month we did the best 3 in 3 categories. Well now, since we have the new year, we gonna spice things up a little bit. And it will be what was best till now. We will continue on a monthly basis also. Just decided for a last minute change now. So everybody I hope you are ready, since we also got a surprise for you today. So lets get this on with!


Top 3 Countries:

So here are the 3 Countries that mostly view everything that is published here. So lets see who is on top of the list

3rd place goes to – RUSSIA

2nd place goes to – UKRAINE (this was a huge surprise)

1st place winner – USA (Defending Champion)


Next are the three most read topics that have been posted here and read by you!

3rd places goes to – Reign Of Infected Rain (Horns Up to That)

2nd place goes to – The Bay 2012 (Surprised)

1st place winner with a shocking surprise – MATIAS – LIVE In Golden 5 City (Now we know why Ukraine is 2nd in mostly Country Views)


Below you will find links to our favorite articles released on the internet!

3rd place goes for – More bullshit about Cigarettes, I do agree on the Menthol stuff 😀

2nd place goes for – We all love The Dead Zone

1st place winner – and their way to say goodbye to 2012 🙂