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Easter with Dead SpaceHello everyone, instead of my customary way of waving a month goodbye by sharing some videos with you. Today we say goodbye to March with the news on what awaits in April. April just to let you know will be one awesome fucking month. So please keep your hands together and do not droll on your keyboards or tablet devices as you read this. 2013 Has been smiling unto a ton of people and I think that success can come to anyone if he tries. So yes you guys drooled enough let’s get back to the news.

The Darkness Within:

Yes I spoke about just few days ago, just want to give you a little heads up that each day that passes. This is more and more finished. Actually I’m about to enter the final stages! So everyone we are not far from our June RELEASE.

Gamers Lounge:

I know I have been a bit silent about my own channel and stuff; yes it’s been an epic month so far. But for anyone who might have missed my big posts, boasts and god knows what here is a recap of what happened and what is still coming.

Besides me finally beaten my PC to obey and produce HD quality videos. Which can be seen on my Dead Space 3 Awakened videos, there are still however 4 parts missing of Doom 3 BFG The Lost Mission and these parts will be uploaded the next coming days.  Besides that I have begun recording some footage from Darksiders II. The optional Crucible waves, downed for now half of this bastard. Died once, and 3 videos will be online soon to show you what you missed.–yA?feature=mhee

My Channel, keeping it pretty simple here still!

To sum it up, finally my article came out and if someone missed that hilarious shit! LOOK HERE

Gamers Gang:

Now we get to the good stuff, you may have noticed some of my videos have appeared on a different channel. That’s because I also game, record and upload here for everyone to enjoy me. My Pseudonym is RobAE. Yeah typical me, easy to write and remember, but besides that I did a full series of Tomb Raider 2013 PC here, and besides 8 more videos which will come in say 2 days. It’s uploaded fully. I will be now doing RESIDENT EVIL 6 All 4 Campaigns and HEART OF DARKNESS on this channel. Besides this awesomeness BIOSHOCK INIFITE will be done by a co-gamer of mine. So we are all really looking forward to that! And who knows I might surprise you near the end of the month with STAR TREK The game!

So if you miss me or look for me, find my videos here!

On top of all this epic developments, there are a few surprises that await you. One of them being me preparing an online gaming session with my friend Kawaii. But more details for that will still come later. Since some surprises are great to keep to last minute \m/

So where do I finish here. Well let’s just listen to some fucking great METAL. A ton of that has been already mentioned on my blog. Let’s kick some ass and I see you guys on the START OF APRIL!

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich


PS: Lest I forget, HAPPY FUCKING EASTER  hehehehe


TDW Coming copyWell the secret is out and it would only be fair to post about it. So yes, the big news has finally reached the open world. The Darkness Within is my book I’m finalizing as I write this, and it should be out by June 2013. Self Published Online Copies for now. Easiest way for anyone to reach it. This book or let me put it simpler. This concept, idea or story came to mind in 2006. Among many many others. But that is a different subject. The Darkness Within is coming this year. And I want to thank everyone who supported me, pushed me and believed in me till this point. I can’t thank you enough. The Darkness Within is just the beginning so expect much more crazy stuff out there than there is already.  This book and story within it is a Horror/Sci-fi/Action/Thriller/Drama Combination. Under constant changes since 2006 to reach its point that it is at now. Anything else you want to know? Patience, it will be epic.


On a side note, to clarify. Besides thanking every single person who supported this and me. This book and Project is a Special Dedication to METAL MUSIC and METALHEADS EVERYWHERE. Don’t know if anyone else did it. But if not, I’m Glad to be the first. If Yes, I’m glad to be part of this!


Thank you for following my blog, channel or me in General.

Robert C. Friedrich

Epic Finds

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Finally, it’s out! After a ton of hard work, research and waiting our article came out on Thanks for everyone who supported this process and thanks to my co-writers Jeff Sloan and Kelly Stone for their input. The article is very funny but based on facts, so these real finds really happened. But why am I stressing you so much. How about you just head out and read it:


Article link:


And to contact me:

Email me here:


Add me here:


Thanks for all your support and enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich

164219_552348794796251_1741288770_nHello everyone, here is a short update so that everyone is in the loop. First things first, thank you all for your support! It’s been an amazing run so far! And it’s only going get bigger! Besides my freelance writing, book writing and other fun shit I do. There is an update on some events. First I finally am returning to the Tomb Raider franchise after so many years. Second I’m going to record all my gaming/walkthrough footage and this will be uploaded and online on a different channel then mine. Namely the GAMERS GANG channel! I will post all the important links below. My channel will remain online and there I will upload other stuff as well. Like now for example I’m uploading as well DOOM 3 BFG EDITION, THE LOST MISSION. All 8 missions, in 8 videos!


So let’s get to the links:

First my personal FB, you can reach my page and or twitter simply by going here to the section above CONTACT US.

Otherwise just find me here:


Gamers Gang:

This is the channel where my videos will be online

And for news simply go here:


I’m known as RobAE here not to get confused 😀


And also I admin this new but great page so some of my news might end up here! (~RobAE)


And finally once more my own channel where at this point you can find:

Call of Duty: Black Ops PC

Dead Space 3 PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines PC

Dead Space 3: Awakened

And as I mentioned I’m uploading

Doom 3 BFG The Lost Missions


All and more you can simply find here:–yA?feature=mhee

It’s simple and easy to navigate, and videos are online! \m/


Thank you for all your support and look me up anywhere you wish!

Robert C. Friedrich


MSDVIRU EC005Today I will speak on behalf of a different topic. Since it came to my attention that many people even from my Generation, haven’t heard or know much from the years before the new Millennium, which is kind of strange, since a ton of shit from that era inspired and is responsible for some of the good and some of the bad shit we may hear, or watch these years. And I retrospect, some of the older shit is way better than the garbage we get around this time. Sure there is a ton of great, better looking amazing shit around. But it’s good to also remember the great things of the past and look at them and still be amazed at what people produced back then. So today I will talk about some movies, which I recommend you watch and get to know. Particularly horror maybe but in general, I will list here a few movies that I have seen, loved and are so great I could watch them over and over again. And I recommend that people watch them and appreciate what some people worked their asses off and even bled to bring us instant Classics. I will make more of these so to simplify this article I will only state movies from the Years 1990 till 1999.


1993 – Jason Goes to Hell

Now before I start, yes I have seen every single of the Friday 13th Movies from start to end. And it’s a great Journey! But there is something about this one I Liked in particular, and it’s a really great one. Gruesome, sexy and bloody, and it’s also a bit different from its predecessors. Or what followed. Simply said, I loved this one from when we blow shit up till the melting man and Jason’s return. This movie had it fucking all!


1997 – Alien: Resurrection

This movie got a ton of hate, as I realized has happened since ages to almost every single thing that came out with Aliens in them. It may have been one of the first one I watched and actually remembered it. It made me watch the whole series starting way back in 1979 till the latest which was Aliens VS Predator 2 in 2007. I tell you now get the extended Quadrology or whatever. Alien movies, games etc are all Cult classics and some of the greatest shit on the planet. Alien: Resurrection in particular brought some new things to the franchise. And remains as a great movie in my Book!


1994 – A New Nightmare

As I said earlier, I watched a ton of shit, and yes I watched every single one of the Nightmare on elm Street parts from part 1 till 7 passed the joined encounter Freddy VS Jason and the Remake (which was better than Friday the 13th remake) anyways this one in particular has something special for me in it. It’s great, it’s funny, and it’s fucking Wes Craven. The movie is about making a movie actually and how Freddy reaches over to the real world. Even Wes craven plays in the movie and is showing you a bit of how he types his scripts! I wanted to be a writer ever since. And I’m still busting my ass to achieve my goals and dreams! So yeah, get this and watch it with some great chips and dips!


1997 – Event Horizon

Now you all know probably Sam Neil from Jurassic Park or Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix. Let me tell you something, watch fucking Event Horizon and it will show you things, it will take you places, places you may not want to go. Places you will eventually go! Honestly, this is a fucking amazing piece of art. Some people even say it’s like the Shinning in space. Name it whatever you want. It is an amazing piece and if you have missed this one. I feel sorry for you! PARENTS! Teach your kids some fucking lessons finally and start showing them the good shit!


1992 – Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell is all I have to ever say. If you don’t know who he is, or haven’t watched his Evil Dead movies. You haven’t lived! Since the first two are earlier than 1990 we shall speak of THE ARMY OF DARKNESS. This movie, is fucking amazingly hilarious and great. I even had the copy with the first original ending and not the alternate ending you might get now. In any case, I can watch this movie over and over again. And it never gets old. So I end this part with MY BOOOM STICK!


1999 – VIRUS

This you have a tough time googling so let me make it easier for you GO TO FUCKING Now Virus, is a motherfucking sick ass twisted metal churning amazingly great movie. Some people say it’s like you mix Terminator with Aliens. And they mean it as an insult. I say its better, it’s great. It’s FUCKING BETTER THAN GREAT! When I finally got my hands on this, after many years of wanting it. After always being denied the DVD. And I finally saw it. I swear I watched it, when it ended I just played that shit all over again like I haven’t just seen it. And enjoyed it the same way. My fucking jaw was down all the time. Try eating grilled chicken to that, it takes balls, and a good stomach! Get it, GET IT NOW!


I leave you with these 6 amazingly movies. And yes I know there are so fucking many other great movies that came out. Some less great than the others. Who else remembers here Carnosaur from 1992 besides me and my Uncle who showed it to me and I remembered it for so many years and I searched to see it once more. And I fucking did. And yes it may be hilarious. But it’s more fun in many ways than Jurassic Park 3!

PS: Anyone please if you have TAMMY and the T-REX from 1994! This hilarious shit is the only thing from my past still missing to be watched. It’s burned into my logic system. But I just cannot get it! It’s fucking hilarious shit! Please give me a link or share it or something.

Thank you!

Robert C. Friedrich



yes YOU!Welcome back to some more cool shit! Was actually thinking of posting this yesterday already, but I rather enjoyed the company of someone really special to me. As it is with this place here, I post generally anything that interests me. I write about things that I enjoy and for the people who enjoy it as well. So a great thanks to all my supporters thus far and lets kick some more ass shall we? Hell Yeah!

Today’s post is all about some great new shit I got to listen to and I thank all who helped me get in touch with this! Now let’s spread the word further!


Carnal Blasphemy

Some Brutal Death Metal coming to you all the way from Colombia! Formed in 2005 these amazing guys have self released 2 EP’s already and I heard some news regarding of some more great stuff from these guys should be coming this year! This is for all the people who love them some great Death Metal. Especially if you listen to other bands such as Cattle Decapitation or Dying Fetus!

Your Suffering is My Pleasure!

These days everyone is on Facebook so find these guys, listen to their shit online and buy their amazing EP’s!


Infected Rain

Dear friends and always fun and great people. Infected rain has been climbing up and higher ever since they formed, 2 EP’s, a great full album and whispers of amazing shit being prepared. This is some of the best nu metal/female fronted band out there so make sure you check this shit out! And since yesterday was the day of all women, they released their new video “STOP WAITING” which is also their new single! Once you listen to some of this great shit, you just can’t get enough!

Find everything you will want to see right here:


Thy Art is Murder

Coming from Australia all the way to blast some amazing Deathcore in your face! Formed as well in 2005 and part of the Nuclear Blast label! When it’s Nuclear it’s always a fucking blast! I had the chance to listen some of their great new shit and their album HATE is an absolute master fucking piece! I love the whole thing and can listen to it over and over again but if I had to pick one song to listen to a ton it will always be SHADOW OF ETERNAL SIN. Pre-order that shit and get the rest of their things, I know you want to!


I enjoy all 3 of these, among many others and my only difficulty sometimes is which one to listen to first. If I could I play it all at the same time and let my brain explode!

Since you reached this part of the article, you better have clicked everywhere and listened to everything. If you haven’t DO IT FUCKING NOW!

And as always have a great time.


Robert C. Friedrich

extra-extra-paperFebruary passed fast and swift, so fast that it’s already forgotten by most of us.  To remind us a bit about the fast flying short month, it’s time again to see our 3 categories how they did this time on the blog and internet. Reminder : We are doing the top 3 in 3 categories. Top 3 Countries that viewed this blog during the month (if you used a proxy or ip address changer you helped a different country score points). 3 Most read posts on the blog and 3 top articles or news I have read during this month or just recently.


Are you guys ready? I sure am!



3rd Place goes this month to: Russia and England – now we are all shocked J


2nd Place goes to: Germany


1st Place: Defending Champion the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


 Now we move on to posts


3rd place ranked this month is: Aliens – Colonial Marines 2013 (Damn I am happy to see this)


2nd Place: Online, No one can hear you scream! (Yet again wins 2nd)


1st Place winner: Biggest surprise – THE BAY (2012) (Yet again, and I still have not seen this movie)


And finally the top 3 things I have read online:


3rd Place goes to: My friend Timmy being on the Daily News Egypt

2nd place goes to: It’s the fucking ropes that drop the FPS 😀 Seriously


1st place had to be this, was the funniest shit I read!

This will blast some holes into our general thinking!


Anyways hope you enjoyed this. I’m putting together one Music and One Movie based post which may appear this week or in the next coming days here.


Keep it up guys!


Thanks to everyone


Robert C. Friedrich