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Cannot believe is that time of the month again, but also its coming the end of the year. That harsh 2012. Unlike last month we gonna put up 3 top channels and prepare the top 3 for 5th of January 2013.

So lets get this show on the road




3 – This Channel is pretty cool especially if you love games! theRadBrad does game walkthroughs. My personal favorites are the ones for Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.


2- MachinimaPrime – Has basically all you need. Just check it out and you will see!


1 – X-Play, yes this time everything is basically about games, games and more great and crazy games.


In any case, please. All of you have a great New Year, and like all of us we hope 2013 will be much better than 2012. Hope you enjoyed this short post with tons of material to be watched inside!


So HAPPY NEW YEAR and we will see you all in 2013!


Robert C. Friedrich




Best of 2012

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2012-So-Far2012 Is finally at an end. The World didn’t end 4 days after my 22nd birthday. We are all still here and kicking. 2012 thou was a harsh and hard year for everybody. But in a way to both honor and wish farewell to 2012, we made a list of our most favorite songs released this year. From albums made this year, or even albums that I managed to get only this year. Anyways here are the best 12 Tracks that got released in these 12 months of 2012. There is no real chronological order so I just wrote them as they came. So all of these tracks are in my heart, they are great and hopefully you are still enjoying them!

12 – Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline – Trip the Darkness

11 – Lamb Of God – Resolution – Ghost Walking

10 – Caliban – I am Nemesis – Sonne (Cover)

9 – Wykked Wytch – The Ultimate Deception – Fade to Black (Cover)

8 – Epica – Requiem for the Indifferent – Deep water Horizon

7 – Cannibal Corpse – Torture – Scourge of Iron

6 – Job for a Cowboy – Demonocracy – Children of Deceit

5 – Six Feet Under – Undead – Molest Dead

4 – Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu – The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh

3 – Ex Deo – Caligvla – I,Caligvla

2 – Cradle of Filth – The Manticore and Other Horrors – Death, The Great Adventure

1 – Machine Head – Unto the Locust – I Am Hell

Now I know that Unto The Locust was released September 2011, however I only got hold of it start of 2012 and believe me till now I am listening to the tracks even on my phone. How is that for an Impressive album?

Thanks and Enjoy

Robert C. Friedrich


Prototype_2_logo11Today we are going to talk about “Prototype” and no not the games, sorry gamers. Today we talk about the two (yes two, not one) upcoming films in 2013. And yes both of them are called Prototype. As it seems Hollywood always liked to make multiple movies with similar or identical titles with different stories. Armageddon vs. Deep Impact, A Bug’s Life vs. Antz or even Jurassic Park vs. the infamous Carnosaur. The ones who saw It know what I mean. Well now in 2013 we are getting two movies named the same way and nearly the same in general.


1)      The Prototype 2013

The military tries to track down a humanoid drone that escapes from a government facility.


To me it looks pretty awesome, although when I first saw it I thought I’m watching a rip-off from Hellboy mixed with other stuff. Yes I’m talking about the dude with dust for blood bla bla bla.

Still the whole premise looks interesting; in a sense I feel we all can imagine how the story is going to unfold. Near somewhere to Ghost in the Shell type scenario. But who knows. We might get surprised.

Well the movie is in Post-production now so let’s all keep are fingers crossed that it won’t end up being a total Cluster-fuck.


2)      The Prototype 2013

A government agent stumbles upon an alien conspiracy to conquer earth. Using a blue liquid made by the aliens to make soldiers stronger, he becomes The Prototype-the only hope for mankind.

Had to be conspiracies and aliens. It just had to be. And in the mix super-soldiers. I think we all know where this is going. So for this one unfortunately I do not have as much hope as for the other one. But who knows. This also appears to be in post-production right now.

It may look to be on a lower budget but that never is an issue if you have a great story and hopefully great people to give life to it.

We will know in 2013.

Oh and btw 🙂 Merry Christmas to all who are waiting for it 🙂


Robert C. Friedrich






Horror fans everywhere, this one is for you all. Anyways, over the past decades, many great flicks came and went. Some more known, some less. But all of it had something in it, great horror for everyone. Who can forget flicks like Aliens, or The Thing and many others. There was always something for everyone. So This is going to be a list of some of the new ones or still being prepared that We wish to see and maybe some of you will get Inspired.



I am one of those few for example who still didn’t see some of the latest general flicks like Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall or Dredd, or even the new Resident Evil! But still am planning to, the last horror genre style movie i have seen was Resident Evil: Damnation (The animated one) and it was cool, depends on who you are if you liked it. I mean my partner, she managed to sleep through most of the movie, yeah with all the screaming, gun fire, gushing blood etc she slept like a baby.


Anyways here are some of the new stuff that we and hopefully you are looking forward to! And yes I still didn’t manage to get my hands on The Bay!


The ABC’s Of Death

Oh yeah, this baby we are dying to watch. 26 Directors, a horror fans wet dream. I hope you like your popcorn bloody cause this is the movie brought by the same people who were responsible for V/H/S and some reports say someone actually fainted by that movie.

Anyways enjoy the trailer



What can we say about this movie. Just it looks a bit unique and well we shall see if it can deliver. Gore is really probable although for some reason I think I saw something that looked like The Thing there, in any case it it is movie not to be missed.

Have fun


Troll Hunter

Ok this might not be that scary for everyone, but from the trailer it is guaranteed amazing and new. How long have we been waiting for trolls in a cool new movie?


John Dies At the End

The glorious book turned movie adaptation. I cannot stress how much it is a must see. We are dying for the DVD to watch it at home in our personal home Theater and piss off the neighbors.


Evil Dead

There dead, and there back! Finally the long awaited return of Evil Dead is finally coming. Who were does not miss this? This was a masterpiece of its time. Especially EVIL DEAD 2. That shit was just amazing and I still enjoy watching it. Especially that funny scene with all the furniture coming to life.

Yes this one

In any case it seems the new version brings alot of the good stuff back, and more. Just one question. Where is Bruce?

And who can forget the video from Strapping Young Lad – Love? Themed of EVIL DEAD is amazing!



And last but not least Jezebeth, I cannot find this flick yet here, but Its something I been wanting to see for ages. Not to mention the appearance and music from the great band BLOODSTREAM PARADE. Seeing Wolf in the movie, mind bending!

If you didn’t hear BLOODSTREAM PARADE yet, do it now!

Enjoy the vids, we did.

Now back to our Halo!

Robert C. Friedrich


There is a time in everyone’s life where they decide to the a good or a bad thing, usually end up doing the stupid thing. Here are some of the more ridiculous instances of Grand Theft Auto

Shot Driver

Now this idiot decided to steal a car, typical if you steal a car you have to be acting completely normal, but you never steal a car and drive passed the real owner! The best part of his day is just starting, not long after, his joyride came to an end when he hit and unmarked police vehicle. Great what to do now? as all idiots that can’t face the fact, that they will go to jail. He decided to run. This is where he proves that crime really does not pay, while running away he pulled out a gun but instead of shooting at police officers, he shot himself in the fucking leg. His gun wanted justice! it got it!,0,1250779.story

Hybrid Theft

Here is a crime that is just beyond ridiculous, a dude stops a cab, (its a hybrid car cab) and goes to where he wishes to go. Then he robs the taxi driver, throws him out of the car and ties to run away. The failed part is this dude does not know how to drive a fucking Hybrid. So he asked the taxi driver that he has thrown out to help him understand the hybrid car. When the cops arrived. The cab was still there. But the suspect gone since he was to stupid. One a cab is to obvious car. He should have asked earlier if this is a Hybrid car and other questions before trying to steal it.

Crime for justice

This is just a poor excuse of a criminal, but he did a good thing, he stole 5 cars among them a ford truck, in the end he felt so bad about what he had done that he just drove to the cops himself. With the stolen car and reported it. Interesting that he had to steal 5 cars to grow a conscious

Arrested for Complaint

Our next car thief was not one of the brighter ones. Even thou he still was an ass! He stole car, ran over a family member of the owners car. What he did next was most ridiculous. He than drove to the police to complain that the car got damaged after he ran that kid over. Seriously and ridiculously stupid!

The Switcheroo

This story is a biog twisted so pay good attention. First of all we have our nameless innocent guy who wants to sell his Nissan Maxima on Craig’s list. I think you can guess where we are going with this. And than we have the buyer who is the thief in this story.

So the thief posing as a buyer bids on the Nissan and wants to go check it out. During the sale the owner went well to trusty and let the thief get behind the drivers seat. Yes, the oldest trick in the book. And gone was his Maxxima.

Here is where ti gets ridiculous, the thief is so stupid he posted for sale the car he just fucking stole. IN FUCKING Craig’s list! The original owner now missing the car found this add of a car that looked just like his maxima. And than he pretended to be a buyer who wanted it. The thief took the bait and when he showed up with the stolen car. Well he got arrested! Ridiculous!

Police Theft

Like the story of the cab we mentioned earlier, one does not simply steal something that is seen from anywhere. This one decided to steal a car right in front of the police. Even during an interview with CNN. this guy already is being chased from the start. He also stole the show but not for long.

Just enjoy the video

Video only

Never give up

Some people never give up, even thou its end of the line since a long time. Like this gentleman right here. he gets pulled over. HeHe tried to steal a computer in Walmart, and punched the security guard. After the cop got to him he got frustrated. Tried to even fight the cop. Than he steals the car of the cop. As we said. Some people never give up. A cop car is something so suspicios if you steal that, there is no place to hide. What was his plan, ride it till Mexico? His espace does not last long since late he hits a truck. Ouch

Top 3

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Yep, its that time of the month again, another month blown right passed. This was quiet a difficult month thou, filled with loads of issues, problems, health stuff and tons of other shit. But we stand strong so moving on. Plus to make a short story shorter our blog on blogspot hs been removed. No need. All of our audiance comes right here. So lets Enjoy the top 3 of the Month november


Top 3 Countries:

So here are the 3 Countries that we got the most views from (If you used a proxy server or a VPN program such as Cyber Ghost to shield your real IP address, you have helped another country get more votes.

3rd place goes to – UKRAINE (who happend to be on place 2 in the last poll)

2nd place goes to – RUSSIA (We are as surprised as you are)

1st place winner – USA (2nd month on 1st place)


Next are the three most read topics that have been posted here and read by you!

3rd places goes to – GRAVITY 2013

2nd place goes to – MATIAS (Surprise, he still is on the top 3)

1st place winner with a shocking surprise – THE BAY 2012 (Last month was all about movies)


Below you will find links to our favorite articles released on the internet!

3rd place goes for – The rat power of the heart!

2nd place goes for – Yes the island story

1st place winner – This cool and funny article on